fwiw, i could give two shits about this or any name someone chooses for their child.  and neither should anyone else, especially a judge.  if a member of the WBC wanted to name their child "Godhatesfags" i could care less. 

ironically, it's the Christian right which is always complaining about the gov't taking away their liberty.  i'm pretty certain that a judge renaming your baby is quite an intrusion into personal freedom, and more specifically religious freedom.  me thinks some conservative Christians may have a hard time squaring this circle. 

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How is it that this judge didn't step in for baby North West? I really don't understand the amount of drugs people have to take to think that's a good name, great place to live, but I wouldn't want my name to go by directions on a compass.

I cant believe I'm the first with this;

He not the Messiah. He's a very naughty boy!

Seriously though what a stupid waste of the courts time. This "judge" should be thrown out of court.


Monty Python should be required viewing everywhere.

I think there have been issues with the child named "Adolph Hitler".  Messiah is much nicer.  I knew a doctor whose first name was "Jihad". 

People should think about the effects of the names they give their children.  In this case, I think the Judge was wrong, and the decision was based not on adverse effects on the child, but rather on the religious aspect.

I hope nobody tells here that some children are named "Mary".

i had a friend whose father was Dick Standing.  he could have gone with Richard, but...

Perhaps this judge would like to force all persons named "Jesus" to change their names as well.

Notable individuals named Jesus as first name

Jesús Alou (born 1942), Dominican baseball player
Jesus Baza Duenas, Catholic priest in Guam
Jesús Flores (born 1984), Venezuelan baseball player
Jesús Guevara, Venezuelan boxer
Jesús Guzmán (born 1984), Venezuelan baseball player
Jesús Herrera, Mexican long-distance runner
Jesús Jiménez Zamora (1823–1897), President of Costa Rica from 1863 to 1866 and 1868 to 1870
Jesus Quintana, character in the film The Big Lebowski
Jesús Chucho Sanoja (1926–1998), Venezuelan musician
Jesús López-Cobos (b. 1940), Spanish conductor
Jesús Martínez (b. 1976), Mexican boxer
Jesús Montero (born 1989), Venezuelan baseball player
Jesús Navas, Spanish football player
Jesús Pérez (b. 1971), Colombian boxer
Jesús Chávez (b. 1972), Mexican boxer
Jesús Pérez (b. 1984), Venezuelan cyclist
GG Allin was originally named Jesus Christ Allin
James Jesus Angleton, Associate Deputy Director of Operations for Counter-Intelligence of the CIA

This judge has certainly overstepped her authority. 

This judge should have a field day with Christmas Abbott, a young lady who works with the pit crew changing tires on racing cars. Maybe Ms. Abbott would have to be born on a different day.

Apparently, Messiah was the most popular baby name for the year 2011-2012.  Who knew.

not sure, but i think you're wrong.  i read that it was one of the fastest growing baby names, but like number 9 or 10 fastest.  that's a bit different than being the most popular, no?

Mom and baby Messiah were on CNN this morning and she said  it was not a religious name to her, it is just a popular name she likes.

Awhhh, Meshi. Meshiack. Sorry, there is no real proof that the Jewish Messiah ever came and he is looked at as a future event. There is also very little proof that the New Testament Jesus was him. The word itself means "savior or deliverer" according to the scriptures, but the Christians said it had to be Jesus!

One can be "saved" from anything, but we all know that what Jesus is saving you from is your own sinful ways and from "hell fire." Awhhh.

Maybe this judge thought it was "blasphemy" to name the kid Messiah. Is she crazy? The kid might have saved the parent's marriage. Maybe he will save the parents at a future time and not put them in an old folks home.

Who knows? Anyway, this judge is ate up!




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