fwiw, i could give two shits about this or any name someone chooses for their child.  and neither should anyone else, especially a judge.  if a member of the WBC wanted to name their child "Godhatesfags" i could care less. 

ironically, it's the Christian right which is always complaining about the gov't taking away their liberty.  i'm pretty certain that a judge renaming your baby is quite an intrusion into personal freedom, and more specifically religious freedom.  me thinks some conservative Christians may have a hard time squaring this circle. 

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It's okay.  I don't think you should feel bad about it.  I believed the La-a thing when I first heard it, too, and it was only after I heard it again that it started sounding suspicious to me.  It's a funny story and usually isn't told in a malicious way, whatever its origins might be.



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