fwiw, i could give two shits about this or any name someone chooses for their child.  and neither should anyone else, especially a judge.  if a member of the WBC wanted to name their child "Godhatesfags" i could care less. 

ironically, it's the Christian right which is always complaining about the gov't taking away their liberty.  i'm pretty certain that a judge renaming your baby is quite an intrusion into personal freedom, and more specifically religious freedom.  me thinks some conservative Christians may have a hard time squaring this circle. 

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Unfortunately yes this is serious.

They have a whole section of the book dedicated to the power of naming your child and the impact that has on their life, especially naming of black children with ghetto names. Shithead was one of the worse examples cited but the whole issue dealing with names fascinated me.


I hate to say it, but this and some of the other names here, leaves me thinking there should be some sort of oversight on names.  Calling your child shithead, regardless of how it's pronounces, is child abuse.

I guess we've all heard of these.  When I lived in Chicago, I heard about a baby named "Viagra".  It seems funny, but my heart goes out to Vi.  Or is it Via.

Martin H. Christ, there are some ignorant people out there!

Friend o' mine in the '70s was facing the birth of his first child.  He was pondering whether, if it was a boy, to name him 'Jesus Christ' or 'Butch', and playing out the possible scenarios involving each.  Thankfully it was a girl and Mom got to name her.

I do architectural design for a builder who is chair of the Republican Party in his region.  His wife is some big muckety-muck in the Mormon church.  I suspect that their younger lives may have been quite different because their 44 year old daughter is named Summer Sunshine.


Mom was a nurse in the 1940s, and she tells of a woman who named her daughter 'placenta' because she'd heard the word and liked how it sounded.  I can imagine identity issues -- I'm an only child, and still not the favorite.


It's okay.  I don't think you should feel bad about it.  I believed the La-a thing when I first heard it, too, and it was only after I heard it again that it started sounding suspicious to me.  It's a funny story and usually isn't told in a malicious way, whatever its origins might be.


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