Christian Legal Society bias case heard in Supreme Court today

Hastings College does not recognize or fund student groups who practice discrimination (in this case not letting anyone be a full member who won't sign a declaration of faith or is an unrepentant homosexual). The student group (the Christian Legal Society) says this is an infringement on their rights of freedom of association and freedom of religion. So they sued Hastings.


So far the lower courts have all said their case has no merit. Now it's in the Supreme Court where conservative justices like Scalia and Alito are said to be very sympathetic to the Christian group and it's anybody's guess as to how things will turn out. (more here)


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This is a student group at a law school that is crying discrimination becsuse it is not recieveing federal funding to discriminiate aginst other's based on objectional religious view's??? WTF??? What makes this story boath sad and scarry is that it made it to the supreme court where we have four of the nine judges that are cirtifiable religious nuts and agree with this.. This is why we need a stronger separation of church and state...
This is a clear case. The group is not being forced to disband because they discriminate against certain people. The school is free to give money according to whatever guidelines they want. If the CLS want school funding, they have to play by the school's rules. If they can't do that, they should have to fund and advertise themselves.
The school isn't breaking them up as a group, so no one's freedoms of association or religion are being infringed upon. They're just unrealistic in expecting money to discriminate.
guess those xtians could care less about brass-tax education and free thinking in life; what ?




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