I have been doing some readings recently, mostly because I don't like to be ignorant to everything but Christianity. I have found that the Creationist stories are similar to most of the Native American stories, that were firmly rejected. Furthermore, the story of Jesus appears several times before he inherits it. Osiris, Horus,
Dionysus, and Mithra all were God become man, whose fathers created
everything, were born from a human woman (virgin), had 12 disciples,
were 'baptized' with with water, were executed and then paid a visit to
'hell' and then rose on the third day, where they was visited by some
female followers, who will return in the last days and judge the living
and the dead, and whose sacrifices atone for our faults. Comments? Thoughts? Additions?

Also, I am wondering, what exactly Jesus' death did to "save us all?"

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I've noticed similarities with the fish symbol being common to Ur the Harrapan/Indus Delta and the Greek form of the same myth.
This seems to come up an awful lot, and there seems to be endless scope for debate over the details. Perhaps I might jump right in with what I see as the bigger picture:
Religions perpetuate a false worldview; they deal with the unknown, whether the creation of the earth and man, or the precise nature of 'right' and 'wrong' conduct; since they deal with the unknown and the false, religious ideas are not based on logic and evidence, but refer instead to prevalent ideas of the society that produces them (reflecting intellectual and psychological/moral standards); furthermore, since the questions are generally the same, and the societies that develop new versions of theism are themselves conditioned to accept older models, it seems natural that existing beliefs should serve as models for new versions. Most religions have very similar outlines in terms of the explanations and behavioural guidelines they provide as they fufill the same functions and reflect the same psychological and societal processes...
These days, someone would have sued for copyright infringement. Some people will believe anything. There really should be health warnings on every bible.
According to the myth,Jesus was a scapegoat and all our sins got loaded upon him.He suffers for us. its an Olde testament concept. The ancient Jews believed in scapegoats. Kind of hard to believe isnt it? Obviously a myth yet millions accept the story literally.




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