just had this thought~ the next time you are told this is a Christian nation, founded on christian principles, reply


" well, if that is the case, that would make this a White nation as well."


See if people will start saying that now; the point is, the argument that they use rests on parameters that would make this being a rich, white, slave owning nation as well.  due to the current climate of political correctness, I doubt anyone would ever say that publicly~ this would be a good way to force the hand.

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While I agree that it hasn't "prevented" what is going on right now, it's because people don't even know what it is or care about it that we are in the situation we are in.  The constitution itself does not restrain the government, we the people who believe in the constitution restrain the government.  Without it, we give them ever more reason to use force and violence against the population and pursue policies and laws that do not adhere to the constitution.


You are also correct that you don't have to have a piece of paper to have rights, but when we live in society based on the absurd notion of what is law is right, then it certainly helps a whole hell of a lot to have that piece of paper to secure your rights.    

I think the problem isn't some scrap of waste paper, it's the ridiculous idea that a centralized monopoly on violence could ever be 'restrained'. It's like expecting the mafia to play nice. And why the fuck should people have to pay attention to the government? A serious case of blaming the victim, there.


The government is basically a criminal enterprise with a mystical veil of legitimacy over it. Statism is the new religion.


As far as I am concerned the State and all its mock-justice can go to Hell. My thoughts on the whole enterprise can be encapsulated in a three word phrase that starts with 'Fuck' and ends with 'Police'.

You are correct that the state is nothing more then a group of organized criminals willing to use force on others.  Last time I checked, if I went around collecting protection money under the threat of force, I'd be going to prison for a long time.  However, the state does serve legitimate functions.  We are a social species and we will always tend to form groups and tribes that do the will of the majority of that group.  The issue with the modern day is that the leaders do not do the work of the majority, and do the bidding of the few and powerful.
No legitimate function can be performed with stolen money, kidnapping and mass murder.
The police do not protect you. The courts do not create justice. The military does not defend us.
And the 'social species' thing is a red herring, since 99% of all organizations are NOT gangs of thugs.
It is quite possible for people to be organized and protected without fascisti lording over them. In fact, it is precisely the police, military and courts that make us less safe, less free, less wealthy, etc. It's basic economics: a coercive monopoly decreases quality and increases costs.

Liberty is the mother, not the daughter, of order. The notion of a 'good government' is a religious fantasy on par with the trinity, just as contradictory and a thousand times as dangerous. I'd rather deal with the mafia than the State, at least the mafia provides legit. services like drugs, whores, gambling and guns.


"I'd rather deal with the mafia than the State, at least the mafia provides legit. services like drugs, whores, gambling and guns."


LOL so does the state.  One just has the "law" behind them.  Liberty is the mother of order and I think that we have very little liberty at this time in this country.  It needs to be restored.  I'll agree to disagree on the notion that the state does not provide legitimate services.

"LOL so does the state."

No, it doesn't. Police are just gang bangers with fancy colors; the military is nothing but an engine of mass murder and the courts do nothing but subvert real justice.


And, for that matter, I wouldn't give a shit if they did. To quote Ayn Rand, "In any compromise between good and evil, only evil can benefit."

If someone tries to rob Peter to pay for Paul's 'protection' he deserves to be shot like any gangster.




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