Couldn't leave this one alone. It offends and repulses me. Not only does the author use bad (and half-truth) data in his claims, some of them are outright fraudulent. The idea that Christians are being persecuted in North America more than they are persecuting is fucking OUTRAGEOUS. Any and all thoughts from the community welcome on this.

Here's the offending article here.

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For some reason many christians seem determined to be the greatest victims of all time. Of course that isn't the case. Being denied the divine right they think they are entitled to have to deny human rights to people they disagree with is not "persecution".  Part of the problem is they were allowed to get away with more than they should have for a long time. Prayer in public schools, the pledge of alliance with a declaration to "god", prayers at public meetings, nativities set up on public land, the addition of "in god we trust" on money & government buildings & we still have our courts instructing people to place their hand on a bible. The public has started to stand up against it & speak out against having religious doctrine forced on them. So now anything that narrows the wide berth christians have enjoyed for so long is being called "persecution".

Remember Pat Robertson's absurd comment a while back? Well one of many but this one...

Evangelical Christians Have Suffered More Than Any Minority In Hist...

Xtian registrars in this country yelled their heads off from the first same sex marriages - they only wanted to officiate for male/female marriages. From there they did all they could to prove that we all were after the poor little xtians. Nobody took the disgusting idiots seriously.

Yes, "the blood of the martyrs is the seed of faith" because christian religion has to be based on suffering. That is the great attraction because everybody relates to suffering (real and imagined) and this was decided when Constantine and friends sorted between many books and put together "our bible." With over 20 gospels and 15 apocalypses to choose from, even our 4 gospels cannot agree. Much of the suffering is based upon the suffering of Jesus, but the Gospel of Peter claims that Jesus "did not suffer" on the cross. This is one reason it was not included. (Come on now. Jesus' number one disciple, Peter, could not have his book included in the bible. That doesn't make a lot of sense.)

The poor suffer, and Jesus suffered. The poor (and the masses) have to identify with Jesus at all times and ages for the new religion to grow. The followers "become one" with him this way, and Constantine gets his armies and "conquers in the sign of the cross." This marriage is successful and goes on even today between church and state.

Now on to your pilot article. Do christians suffer persecution in America today? HELL NO! In fact, they keep telling "daddy government " what they want done to the rest of us. They cry, whine, and they lie. As usual, they keep making things up. They want special favor.

Notice that most of the article talks of deaths and bad things happening to christians in other parts of the non-christian world and you start to get the picture. Imagine now that you parachute into Iran with the secret agenda of converting 200 to christianity and maybe getting them out of there. Even if you are just running a hospital there you are very suspicious to them. It isn't good enough that you help them with a hospital, YOU have to be a part of it. Are you trying to convert them? Of course you are. You want to give them a "christlike" example. (We all know that Jesus built many hospitals in his lifetime.)  What did you expect the outcome of this shit to be? Good luck on that one.

Then they were "martyred for christ" but it was OK because they were following him and imitating him, and they suffered with him, so they will partake with him in his glory. It is believed that they did what he would have done. This has been the never ending story that began about 312 AD. Christians glory in their suffering, both real and imagined.

Persecuted christians in America? No way!

Mindy, that's because they keep thinking we are "a christian nation." It follows to them then "if you don't like it , leave it" from an old song.(Merle Haggard.) The total ignorance here is shown yet again when Obama got in trouble recently for leaving out "under god" when the original text was shown NOT to have that phrase in there. "One nation, under god" became that way in 1954 when the government modified the text to "help us fight godless communism."

So much for christian intelligence and being politically correct.

That behavior betrays their overall attitude - that this is a christian nation, that the minority is so miniscule (to them) that it doesn't matter, and that differences in belief are either beneath their notice or worthy of condemnation because the word of Jebus supersedes everything else.

It's bigotry and presumption of the highest order ... and it deserves confrontation.

This is exactly it. The arrogance & ignorance that the US is a christian nation. They keep repeating the lie that it was our founding fathers intent when our founding fathers own words were the direct opposite.

There were probably (I really don't know) several of the founders of this nation who would have liked it to be a Christian stronghold. In my mind, that just goes to reason. The opinions I give the most weight to were in favor of a secular government. Jefferson and Madison were pretty clear as to what they would have us do.

But beyond that...WHO CARES WHAT THEY THOUGHT? They're not here and we are. We should run this country the way we see fit. I think we should push and fight tooth and nail for a secular country. I have no interest in eliminating weird religious beliefs, I just want them striped out of our government. I'm even wiling to let private companies offer whacky stripped down health insurance if they want, as long as they can't force it on the rest of us. That is one area I do think religion is being harmed. Don't get me wrong, I think it's stupid to try to influence your workforce by pushing your own beliefs on them. People do have the right to get another job though. They're not slaves or indentured servants. The best employees are probably going to pursue employment with companies that don't go down that path. These issues are minor though when compared to people getting killed in other countries. Those incidents are probably less about religion than about control. I don't think a terrorist is usually going to ask what religion you're from before killing the last westerner.

"I am treated as evil by those who feel persecuted because they are not allowed to force me to believe as they do." Unknown

Wow ... what a statement, Pat.  That's it, entirely.

I love that.

Yes, nothing demonstrates how Christians are persecuted more than a CPAC convention where the fundamentalists gather in the ballroom of a first class hotel, eating shrimp cocktail, and wearing Christian Dior.  The refugees in the Darfour region of Sudan, and Syria got nothing on them!




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