Why do you think a hobby so rooted in technology is such a hot bed for Christianity? You can't look up HF nets without getting 100 or so hits for these people. That, or the hate groups that seem to love hanging out on 80 meters.

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Funny you say that (abt putting up a 80m antoona). Good conditions we have had some back-and-forths with some Spanish-speaking guys show up on the frequency. Really good conditions and I think we're listening to Indonesian-speaking fishing boat pirates or something. (Spanish is easy. Indonesian, that one I know only "about." 600 some Austronesian languages. And Tok Pisin, which I really would love to QSO in some day. Doubt there are many hams in PNG who speak it.)

Same-same I'm not too sure 80m would be clear in the Tropics. We're starting to get the lightning noises up here already, so summer is out there somewhere lurking. Maybe. We gotta get through March first. And Dayton.

If and when anyone gets real gutsy about a "net," I'd be up for that, although I am well past the point of philosphizing about it or getting into pompous preachments. Comparing the Book of Mormon to Oahspe might be fun for a couple rounds. Then we'd have to go back to Isis and Mithras and all them star-changin' guys. What a hoot. Edge of the 21st Century and we're still runnin' around waitin' for some hero savior myth character to come square the world the way Glenn Beck thinks it otter be. Boggle-boggle.





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