Christian Science vs. Atheist Science: which has contributed most to the "greater good" of society?

I think this question pretty much explains itself.
I ask it though because of a conversation I had some weeks ago with a young lady coworker who was defending Christian Science as being one of the “greatest contributors to the social ‘good’ of society”. It has brought about a clearly more moral understanding of the world and has made our country “the lighthouse of elevated society”. I pointed out that had it not been for the scientific advances made in medicine, physics, sociology and countless other scientific disciplines that weren’t typically “Christian” endeavors, we probably wouldn’t be faring any better than your typical Taliban extremist currently living in war torn Afghanistan. I mentioned the contributions of Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman and Alan Turing, none of which were in any way “God-fearing or even believers in any faith. She said that Einstein Did in fact believe in God and that she didn’t know who the rest of them were except that their contributions couldn’t have been all that great and she doubted any of them made our society any more morally sound. “After all, what was the greatest thing they ever did, make the nuclear bomb?”

This opened up another discussion later on that same day in which I pointed out that the Bible doesn’t have all that great a track record on matters of morality and I proceeded to point out chapter and verse portions of the bible in which it describes it’s method of appropriate handling in matters such as: unruly children, people who wish to turn themselves away from god, treatment of slaves, punishments women should face for tempting Adam into eating the Apple. It was in a digital copy of the bible I had on my tablet and she promptly said it was all a fabrication. Later that week I brought in an actual bible but she didn’t want to see it.

In any case that conversation made me wonder just how well society would stack up if Christian society was left to rely on it’s own Christian Sciences, as opposed to Atheist and it’s Sciences. Would one side truly enjoy a better standard of living? Would one side have a better sense of social Morality, as well as a better sense of personal well-being? I've read Sam Harris’s book The Moral Landscape shortly after it’s publication and have little doubt that science can easily match and surpass that of any Christian Scientific understanding of the world. He doesn’t however get into too much detail on methods of implementation. But I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on this.

PS. I'd also be interested in finding out which side you might think would be more eco-friendly to the Earth as a whole.

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Christian Science, like Intelligent Design, are oxymorons.

...the Bible doesn’t have all that great a track record on matters of morality....

If, hypothetically, there were a powerful "devil" who wanted to cause pain and suffering among people, then creating (or "inspiring" people to write) various scriptures chock full of immorality and contradiction, each claiming to be the One True Way, urging its followers to convert or fight followers of other "One True Ways" -- wouldn't be a half bad plan!

(Though we human beings have been capable of doing that on our own, no devils needed.)

There are young-earth creationists who seriously claim that "Satan" fabricated and planted all the consistent threads of evidence that point to a universe and an insignificant Earth within it billions of years old, and to evolution by natural selection. (And we're supposed to ignore all that, and abandon reason, because they said so.) It would be much easier for such a powerful being to fabricate and plant some or all of the holy books we know, with a few supposed revelations and miracles for good measure... how do Christians, or any other religious believers, know that that's not the source of their scripture?

That's exactly right, Cat. I've even heard people make those claims in my church days. To say god did it is one thing, but when the theist can't deal with the evidence it goes the other way. Satan fabricated and planted all the evidence. Yep, "the devil did it."

This is the same thing that one of the early church fathers (I've forgotten which one) said about writings that pre-date the bible and appear to tell a similar story. The devil planted the evidence so you would be drawn away from the bible and listen to "fables" instead.

It's all proof that you cannot teach a theist anything. They lie. Recently a theist even lied about a gang attack, claiming the bullet that struck him was diverted by the New Testament that he kept in his pocket. Therefore, the scriptures saved his life.

Now this gets funny because I heard that lie in my church days also. It's not new.

Religious people (especially YEC) are so massively DISHONEST.




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