Christian vandals invade museum to attack "Piss Christ"

Move over, Taliban destroyers of the Bamiyan buddhas. Your art vandalism club has some new members!


The quiet of Palm Sunday was disturbed in the southern French city of Avignon this weekend when 4 men entered the Lambert Museum of Contemporary Art and vandalized the controversial artwork, "Immersion Piss Christ" by American artist Andres Serrano. The piece, a photograph of a plastic crucified Jesus immersed in urine, has been controversial since its creation in 1987. In 1989 it was denounced on the floor of Congress by North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms who said of Serrano, "He is not an artist. He is a jerk."
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 Cleaning up after the Palm Sunday attack on "Piss Christ"

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I've always been amazed at the attention paid, both pro and con, to a piece as silly as this. I guess "art" truly is in the eye of the beholder.
If you can find any difference in the thinking of an fundamentalist muslim and a fundamentalist christian, I'd love to hear it. Or, for that matter, between the thinking of Osama bin Laden and George W. Bush or Barack Obama.

Muslims v Christians: the only difference is in degrees. Christianity is Islam with its balls cut off (but they're doing their best to catch up.)


Osama bin Laden the same as Barack Obama? This habit of people comparing everyone they don't like to serial killers and murderous dictators is getting old. 

Some people think that obama might be an atheist. Obama had an atheist mother. America is kinda crazy they won't elect a leader unless they drink the jesus juice. So he might have picked a religion in order to help himself poltically. Politically speaking obama was for legizing some drugs like pot but he had to change in order to become mainstream. He was a really liberal guy. Who knows maybe in his last term he might show his true colors or I could be wrong.
I think one difference between fundy muslims and fundy christians would be that the muslims not only would have destroyed piss christ, but they'd have killed everyone associated with the museum.

And, yeah, it gets old having people compared to Hitler. He was a bad guy, but it's time to give him a rest.
one difference between theist and athiest is that most atheist look at the facts. :)
as in the current statstics. I posted.

Yeah but that doesn't work 'cause atheists would pretty much laugh or defend their right to free speech.



They have a much better way at getting back at us. Atheist are offended when our human rights are taken away such as the freedom of choice and freedom of speech.  Freedom what to do with your own mind and body is something they want to take away.  They are actively tryign to do this all over the world. Trying to use the majority rule exsuse or hide there agenda under statstics or different ogranzation.


They know we could care less if they did a piss dawkins or piss hitchens. They know how powerless they can make us feel by taking away our freedoms.

Maybe they pissed on it. That would only make it more valuable wouldn't it?
dang talk; I know they're so-called children of whatever sky daddy fkn' lying hitler sympathizer fools!
wait until they're older and have brain rot; then we'll see if their 'leaders' of the faith ilk have the dough for their mental illnesses




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