This article's fairly interesting and it examines the relationship between the 'gospel of prosperity' and the housing market crash.

I think it glosses over some things, but generally makes some good points.

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I think it may be more than that. I think it's that coupled with the Secret and a whole host of other nonsensical belief systems that effectively say that if one wants something bad enough, fate, god, the universe will give it to you.

It gives people another excuse to forgo logic and reason because their degree of wanting will bend and warp all reality to their advantage. They don't look at repercussions, they don't look at losses, they don't look at debt, they just see the gold plated house at the end of the tunnel because if they keep staring at it long enough and want it bad enough, they'll get there -- because that's how the world works.
The Secret? The secret is to create a bullshit book and movie to sell saying you know the secret to the universe. Those guys must be pretty rich.
The prosperity gospel is perhaps one of the most de-humanizing concepts ever developed. If being favored by god = wealth and prosperity, then poverty and dispair = not being favored by god. If god doesn't give a fuck about the poor, then why should the rest us? In fact, it could be considered heresy to assist those who god had specifically decided not to help.
That's exactly what it does. If you're not doing well enough, then that means you're doing something wrong. If you don't have money, than you're not believing enough. You faith isn't strong enough. It's destructive bullshit. Unfortunately, it's also widely believed.
I hadn't known about this. I would have just blamed The Secret and left it at that, but this makes sense and is a better explanation.




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