This statement drives me mad. What exactly is it that separates Christianity from religion? A relationship with Jesus? What does that even mean? I don't even know how to respond to this one. This is obviously some kind of way to make people think Christianity is superior to all other beliefs...and some people really believe they are not following a religion? I mean. What.
What are you supposed to do to make someone realize that they're making no sense?

sorry lol turned into a bit of a rant, but still. Someone on my facebook posted quotes yesterday from this video, which I'm sure someone probably already posted about:

...and I was just like -___- I didn't even know about that video till a moment ago, though.

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Uh, the title is "Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus". That's a pretty big difference between what you said. I only picked up him endorsing the church once in that video, the rest of the time he seemed to be drawing a line between spirituality and religious institution.

I still don't agree with this on regarding spirituality but there doesn't seem to be an issue with the logic. Kind of reminds me of an old favorite "The Grand Inquisitor" by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. This is one of my most recommended passages of all time bar none.

I wasn't complaining about the video exactly, but just the friend who always wants to insist to everyone that she and other Christians really aren't following a religion :P I just provided the video that inspired her some more lol
just randomly complaining since I won't say stuff to people's faces xD

I will read that link when I wake up later

This must be the new fad for many xtians. I'm guessing that like women's beehive hairdos in the 50's and bell bottomed jeans with tie-dyed t-shirts in the 60's, this will mostly fade over time. A couple of weeks ago, I actually had a minister (who knows I'm an atheist) tell me, "I'm not religious. I'm a christian." My response, while rolling my eyes, was something to the effect of, "Yeah, right! And I'm not a scuba diver. I'm an underwater astronaut." He quickly changed the subject.

It contradicts itself. I'm guess the "poet" is trying some weird new PR angle.

its not the correct title u love jesus but u dont belive in Christianity

This meme has been around for a long time.  The implication is that religions are false while Christianity (usually only the particular version of Christianity that the speaker adheres to) is true.

Ah yes, "I don't have a religeon, I have a relationship" might as well say "I don't have a religeon I just talk to my self, and beleive an invisable friend dictates my every action".

Highly hypocritical, but then again that isn't one of there strong sutes is it.....

Hi Tea, 

I have to agree with them that 'Christianity is not a religion', but from a different angle. From my point of view there are no religions. No Judaism, no Buddhism etc. The main reason for this point of view has to do with taking a stance against indoctrination. Instead of calling religion religion, I call it indoctrination. And those that follow religion they are 'the indoctrinated'. 

Also, I prefer not to recognise religion, in the same light as not recognising the legitimacy of dictators. If you recognise religion exists, legitimacy is then given to religion. 

And religion is the belief-in and worship-of God. If God doesn't exist, what are people believing in? and what are they worshipping? The answer is 'Nothing'. 

And another factor has to do with responsibility. Only the individual is responsible for what happens in their life. Many people blame religion for crimes committed by Catholic Priests or Islamic Mullahs. But I never blame religion, nor do I ever blame God nor do I blame Jesus. If somebody interferes in another persons life in a detrimental way, it is only the interferer that must take responsibility.


The only problem I have with my point of view is: Indoctrination vs personal responsibility. But I guess that could be a whole different thread.


But in the real world I have to choose carefully when denying somebody their religion. All of the Christians I meet and get to know in the kitchen at the local church, have real faith in their beliefs and they go out of their way to help people who really do need help. It's hard enough for them to have an atheist in their midst. So, I think it would be unfair for that atheist to deny them that which helps them have meaning in their lives. But for other theists, like Mormons on the street, I allow myself a little fun sometimes. 


Finally, I noticed you like unicorns, have you ever seen Charlie the Unicorn on Youtube


I don't know what to think of that video other than kind of annoying bad "rapper" offering another alternative to believing in something that is still very shrouded in uncertainty, namely Jesus. I've researched gnostic views and read books discussing alternative theories about him, but really, whether it's the bible or any book outlining how he may have lived is speculation, and for me it comes down to facts versus faith, I'd begin speculating on the facts, the really old dusty tomb encased so-called facts.




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