Christianity’s faith-based freakout: Why atheism makes believers so uncomfortable

Christianity’s faith-based freakout: Why atheism makes believers so...

"Rather than respecting the right of atheists to disbelieve, christians are constantly forcing them to fake it


"So if you want to ignore the emperor’s nakedness, it’s not enough to just ignore it. You have to get other people to shut up about it. If you want religion to keep perpetuating itself, you have to get people to go along with it. You have to get people to fake it.

"You have to get people to lie.

"And that’s what explains this weird phenomenon, this phenomenon of religious believers telling atheists, openly and explicitly, to lie about our atheism. This phenomenon is Exhibit A in just how essential social consent is to keeping religion propped up. It shows just how shaky the foundations of religion are — when people openly state that they would rather have us pretend to believe than be honest. It shows just how shaky believers’ hold on religion is, when they tell us that we need religion to be moral, but then ask us, openly and explicitly and without any apparent shame, to lie."

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Nope.  Not gonna do it.  Not gonna pretend.  Not gonna go along to get along, either.  And if they don't like it, they can lump it.

There is another opinion out there, one they don't like, one based in fact and reality, one that has nothing to do with myth or superstition, except maybe as amusement or entertainment.  That's the opinion I support and the one I live by, and I don't blink when I say so.

I am an atheist.

I like that stance. I am an atheist and proud of it. 

Joan, here are some reasons that I agree with you.

** The child will ask about religion and his endoctrinment claiming it has to be true. Why would mommy and daddy lie to him? Maybe it's because they want to believe also and this is how you keep the myth going. Many sermons and apologists later and they lie about "free will" and "morals." Everyone just hopes that the child does not put it together with Santa and the Easter Bunny. If he discovers logic and reason he might do so and become atheist. Therefore, atheists have to be the worst human beings on the planet.

** Many men are aware that women are more spiritual. They have a different relationship with their children and family than men do. This being said, you can subjugate the woman easily, talking religion and "teaching family values." Using the Buybull you make a woman glad to be under a man's thumb.

** Going backwards in time we find that Martin Luther was not even against lying if it furthered believe in the Buybull and the gospel. Lying for god was OK.

** We even find that Eusebius knew that all the other virgin birth stories, all the other flood stories, etc. were planted by the devil. It seems the devil knew in advance that Jesus was coming so he arranged for all this earlier similarity to be planted so as to confuse the true christian. How incredibly dumb can you get?

** I'm 67 years old. Back when I was 18 years old and in church wanting to be a minister, the creationists who believed in a 6000 year old earth openly stated that dinosaurs and their skeletons were "tricks of the devil." Again, the devil planted this stuff to cause us doubts in our beliefs.

The truth is that the theist believes because they want to believe. They get their values and morals from something they have believed their entire lives. To admit now that they are wrong is to admit their entire lives have been lived for nothing. Not true, of course, but they see this and think that they have to believe because there is no other choice!

@mMichael some theists believe because they're terrified not to. I had one tell me he would go to hell if he questioned his belief. That's how damaging religion can be. And this man is in his late forties.

So the 40 year old will burn if he doesn't believe. One of my relatives said the same and that was why he became christian again before he died. He didn't want to burn. If your brain dies how will you feel pain?

Then we have Jesus and others "ascending into the heavens." How do they do that? Do they raise their arms up in the air, or is there some sort of elevator? My step father laughed at Star Trek but watched it anyway. The way they traveled (beem me up, Scotty) was funny to him, but he had no questions about Jesus or god going from one place to the other. The bottom line here is that the believer is not supposed to question, and that's where it's at.That's what the holy books say. Do not question.

From the beginning mankind had a facination with the heavens and the stars. You see it everywhere even today, and it was normal to do so. Then the writers of the holy books came along. Next the believers started in with apologetics for their writings in a fashion that would explain away static beliefs as science grew and the world became more modern.

There is nowhere for the christian to go, but today they do not understand why you do not believe their science. That's because they do not have any science. They never did, but the pressure is on.

You've nailed it again Michael.

You are SO "right on", Michael....

Michael, well thought out and said, except...

** Many men are aware that women are more spiritual.

More spiritual, except when they are the most pragmatic of H. Sapiens.

For man pragmatism is a topic for debate.

A woman in my writers group told me that for women pragmatism is a survival aid.

The point the author makes is something we members of A|N see, and not infrequently. To sign up for this site, you are required to declare you non-belief in god(s). How many religious trolls have we seen on this site who were allowed in after lying to get here?

Lying for Jesus. Keeping the faith alive since the year 325, after Constantine decreed it by the point of a sword.

There is really nothing about religion that is noble or honorable or good that one cannot do without religion as the guide. 

As Hitchens said, "Name me an ethical statement made or an action performed by a believer that could not have been made or performed by a non-believer."

I agree with you, Joan. I also think that, because people's foundation and core identity is perceived as being threatened, they do everything they can to hang on by their fingertips as they hang over the edge. At least that's how it was for me for 15+ years before I was able to allow myself to admit that I am an Atheist. The grieving process, for me, is likened to one's best friend/partner dying....and once that 'right arm', so-to-speak, is severed, how does one even begin to think about rebuilding from the ground up, let alone find a way to do that once resolution has been found? The isolation, for me, from all related life-areas, is excruciatingly painful, partly because I cannot come out and be honest. For if I do, then I lose my employment, my income, my pretty much everything. It's as if I have (metaphorically) died.

K J The value of this site is that you can question, doubt, ask, think, explore, experiment, rant, make foolish statements and mistakes that you quite easily can replace with something else that seems to fit your thinking better. There are those in this group that can challenge you, clarify with you, express their ideas, not to prove that you are wrong, but that others have different ideas.

Months ago I wrote a piece about having a soul. Lots of people on this site responded with their opinions about soul, or lack of soul. Reading all the responses gave me information that made it possible for me to rethink my former position and make a private, personal decision that there is no such thing as a soul. It is more like consciousness that dies when the blood stops going to the brain. 

I love the image of changing from bone, skin, muscle, and organs when I die to becoming atoms. Nothing is lost, it changes form and function. I am perfectly happy with that. I surely don't want to be part of that crowd that rises out of the grave as some believe, or am reincarnated. Poppycock! 


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