Christianity’s faith-based freakout: Why atheism makes believers so uncomfortable

Christianity’s faith-based freakout: Why atheism makes believers so...

"Rather than respecting the right of atheists to disbelieve, christians are constantly forcing them to fake it


"So if you want to ignore the emperor’s nakedness, it’s not enough to just ignore it. You have to get other people to shut up about it. If you want religion to keep perpetuating itself, you have to get people to go along with it. You have to get people to fake it.

"You have to get people to lie.

"And that’s what explains this weird phenomenon, this phenomenon of religious believers telling atheists, openly and explicitly, to lie about our atheism. This phenomenon is Exhibit A in just how essential social consent is to keeping religion propped up. It shows just how shaky the foundations of religion are — when people openly state that they would rather have us pretend to believe than be honest. It shows just how shaky believers’ hold on religion is, when they tell us that we need religion to be moral, but then ask us, openly and explicitly and without any apparent shame, to lie."

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Mark Twain, in the second of his Letters from the Earth, told of several reasons that atheism has to make xians uncomfortable. In their heaven they endlessly have no sex, sing, play harps, and hosannah.

Twain's Satan character wrote to Gabriel and Michael:

The inventor of their heaven empties into it all the nations of the earth, in one common jumble. ... they have to mix together, pray together, harp together hosannah together....

Wouldn't that bore you to tears?

I think that what god is doing here is keeping them happy so they don't realize that he has bodily resurrected so many others and sent them to hell because he still likes the smell of burnt meat. That always was his thing.

As for singing, harp playing, etc. in heaven the idea always upset my step father. He wanted to know why everybody thought we would be on a cloud with a harp. Certainly heaven was much more different than that. He was right, you know. Just take the great white throne judgement alone. If this occurs in real time it would have to be starting from whatever period god begins holding man accountable, then go on into that future period that everyone is in heaven. Done in real time, that is pretty much what is happening in heaven, or in some pre-heaven period. There just is not any time for anything else.



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