what I don't understand is why christianity is such a popular trend here in America and yet majority of the christians here just never do things outside their community. They consider what they have done is noble but in facts they just isolate themselves in churches, and all activities they ever done are within the churches, they go there for the sermons and occasionally they perform skits or go on retreats, there is a solidarity and a common interest I understand but other than that what had they ever contributed to the society. And they freaking get all jealous because an atheist is doing community services so they conclude that this guy is doing so just to get attention since he is godless. Are they fucking out of their fucking minds? I embrace logic and critical thinking and seriously can't wrap my head around this is that they think by doing things in their church therefore they can bring positive radical changes to the world. On the contrary, they just fucking waste precious time that can be used on other meaningful things.

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sorry just venting

They're not thinking about logic, Zheng, and therein lies most of the problem.  This was how they were raised as children, many of them.  It's a tradition which stretches back at least decades if not centuries in the US.  It's also a nice and easy and comforting lie which many of them have never bothered to investigate.  If someone attacks the bible, they can claim to have indulged in bible study, except that what they have studied has been spoon-fed to them by a pastor or priest or deacon, who either knowingly or unknowingly avoid those portions of that book which may be disturbing.  Some more "advanced" may tackle those sections, but are ready with the excuses woven by apologists to explain away the murder and the rape and the questionable morality.  Depending on what church and where it is, the indoctrination may be very thorough, and resistance to our side of the coin equally so.  Besides, believing is easy. Knowing ... that's a lot harder.

Oh, and don't worry about venting.  We all do it, I think!

They're better organized, better connected and better funded than we are. But, not really as dominant in numbers across the board as they appear. If the secular-minded folk of this secular-founded nation want to do something about it, …all the means to do so are already in place.

This is a good place to vent, and many others feel the same way.  Certainly the public image of christian activism and christian politics is of intolerance, willful ignorance, and bigotry.  There are many individual christians who are good and kind people, and many who do involve themselves in their communities unrelated to their church and religious politics.  But the harm that is done by religion, and in the US and many places by Christianism, is immense. Thank you for expressing what many feel.


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