I'm getting really sick of idiots wrongly and continually coming at me, claiming that Hitler was an atheist and atheism had a hand in the Holocaust.

So I'm going to correct this gross misconception here and arm some others who may also be getting the same nonsense thrown at them by uninformed theists, with some facts for their own defence.

They are indeed completely wrong, secularism, atheism has never in history had any conflict with Judaism, in fact Judaism has always had a greater tolerance for atheism than any other religion so they existed in harmony for centuries.

Hitler had two main influences in initiating the Holocaust, firstly it was German nationalism, where there were nationalist movements that Hitler became a part of and even leader, who considered strongly that the Jewish influences in Germany were the cause of their losing World War 1, part of the influence in this group was also Christian, as if anybody cared to notice, most of the leadership of the Nazi party which resulted from this nationalistic movement were devout Catholics, such as Hermann Goering.



Hitler never denounced his Catholicism and even argued that the Catholic church should support his Holocaust as he was simply following on from the Jewish persecution that the Catholic church had carried out for 1500 years prior to his campaign against the Jews.

So half of the reason for Hitler's war on the Jews was Nationalistic revenge for the Jews causing the loss of WW1, the other half was the hatred his Catholic church had towards the Jews, which he considered himself as completing the Catholic church's attempts to get rid of them.

Never ever say that Hitler's Holocaust was influenced by Atheism, as nothing could ever be further from the truth.

Hitler on Atheism:

"We were convinced that the people need and require this faith. We have therefore undertaken the fight against the atheistic movement, and that not merely with a few theoretical declarations: we have stamped it out. "

- Adolf Hitler, Speech in Berlin, October 24, 1933

So Hitler also vowed to rid Germany of atheism, so atheists were also high on his hit list, as he considered atheism to be detrimental to his glorious, god sanctioned plans.  Thus the  Gott Mit Uns  - (God With Us) inscribed on Hitler's Soldiers Belt Buckles.  Yes, it was also a religious war, not a totally non-religious war.

Since I've been questioned about my sources:

Here is evidence of Hitler's psychological profile which was extremely accurate and predicted his suicide, 2 years prior.

Hitler did suffer a "Messianic Complex" and viewed himself as a sort of new Christian Messiah, which led him to using anti-Semitism in his quest for glory, because he saw them as enemies of Jesus Christ and saw himself as continuing the battle for Jesus Christ.

Thus Christianity did have a big part to play in Hitler's Holocaust!


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Thanks for the info Freethinker, I'll check it out.

King, it looks like you are one racist mofo. Lots of people are part Jew. There's no pure blooded anything.

Good article, D DOG. I've studied Hitler to extremes myself. Politics and belief are often separate things. At one time someone pointed out that Hitler's personal cook was a Jewish woman. It made him angry and his reply was "So, Aryanize her." I don't think anyone bothered him about it again.

Yes, Patricia, he was a very troubled man.

Dug himself into a nightmare of a hole with his irrational bigotry and then found he had more ghosts in his closet than clothes.

Though his stomach problems, Parkinson's  and the drugs he was getting from his quack doctor to treat them didn't help either.

Sorry Patricia. I do agree that he was very unstable. He was also not a military genius, and he was a non-caring man. While he had gypsies and Jews killed he searched for a more humane way to kill lobsters.

Hey Patricia, I think my blog has upset some Christians and that Buddha clown was sent in to try and discredit the blog.

Instead he strengthened it as I have now included the army's psych analysis of Hitler that proves his messianic quest to continue the battle for Jesus Christ against the Jews, making him definitely a Christian.

It seems to me that he deliberately entered Atheist Nexus to get rid of my blog, because he was essentially trying to tell me to remove it.

So I think I've definitely been upsetting some outside of A/N.

Which was the aim of the blog in the first place.

Especially those Christians I argue with who I'm directing to my blog instead of bothering to continue arguing with them.


Good for you DD.

I very much like your Blog.

Thanks Idaho, I try to make them interesting.

We have members here from all around the world of every possible persuasion. Why would we listen to or even possibly want to be directed by any racist hate filth? Why would we want or need a David Duke peddler and holocaust denier? What would any of this have to do with atheism?

True Michael, as I've just added a BBC documentary that completely destroys all of David Duke's nonsense.

As well as making King Buddha look like a brainless fool.

There was no Jewish influence on the Russian uprising, it was all due to Stalin's paranoia and glut for absolute power.

Anybody that he thought could possibly even raise an eyebrow in defiance to him, got executed, even within his own family.

Such a complete Megalomaniac was Stalin.

Though some believe it was the suicide of his second wife that turned him into the most murderous dictator on the planet.


I've checked and noticed that King Buddha instantly on joining Atheist Nexus started attacking my blog.  That is the action of somebody who has joined to deliberately troll this blog.  Thus King Buddha is a TROLL.

Schicklgruber, Hiedler, Hitler. It has been suggested that his father ( an illegitimate child) was really fathered by a Jew. Hitler was Austrian and would not serve in the Austrian Army because he said they did not have pure race. He joined the German Army and became a WW 1 hero. A runner and deliverer of dispatch, he later served the Army after the war by doing intelligence work. He was wounded and had received the Iron Cross during the war. Efforts to make the man out as not so smart just do not fly.

Some say Hitler did not drink. This is a lie. He had a special low cal beer made for him that was like American light beer. Also, although he did not speak English he was able to read the American newspapers.




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