Oh just read it. It's topical.

"That which is placed into a mind is what the mind reacts to, and the impact can be great. Think about that the next time you plan to frighten a child at Halloween."

That line just killed me. Slayed me. They're serious, I guess.

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Well we got to trick or treat.
My mother was an xtain but she thought it was a fun holiday and even helped us come up with costumes.
I have an xtain friend who thinks the way some xtains react to it is just plane stupid...And she's right.
I'm sorry your mom spoiled your fun, Nerd.
I went to school as St. Anthony (I swear) one year.
I live in the country and churches here have taken to instituting "Harvest Festivals" in what they see as a Halloween alternative. I see the harvest festivals as getting back to the roots of paganism, essentially out-paganing the pagans, which really amuses me.
I saw an article where the pope said Halloween is dangerous. I find it ironic that the term "Halloween" actually has a Catholic origin. The holiday itself, of course, comes from the Celtic festival known as Samhain. However, the term Halloween came about when the Catholics moved All Saint's Day to November 1st. All Saint's Day was known as All Hallow's Day ("hallow" being the Old English term for saint). The evening before was known as All Hallow's Evening, which shortened to Halloween.
That's all discussed in the tract that's hyperlinked to the page I linked.

It's ironic, but not unexpected coming from Joe the Rat.
Yes..A lot of them do this around here as well.
It amuses me to no end..They have to find ways to stay relevant,and this is one.
...and in a few sentences, you've described the history of the Christian Church's first half-millenium.
I keep an RSS eye on this collection of sites, called "Good News," especially for things like this. All the references to Satan as the basis of "evil" in the world seem silly knowing the origin of "the adversary" in the Hebrew bible. Silly to me too because I think of the Tao Te Ching when it comes to good and evil (they don't really exist, either one, until you start labeling things as "good" or as "evil").

What I love is seeing the pattern of bible quote sources. You can always count on them to quote-mine Leviticus and Revelation. Though if you pin them down on Leviticus' absurdity (shellfish? come on!) they will either back away from it or grab it all the tighter depending on how lunatic they are.

As for Revelation, it makes me wish I could get my fever dreams published. Mine at least had explosions and spaceships....
John! It's really had to get books published now that huge corporations control the publishing industry.
I love sf btw.
Myself I self-publish. I'm just saying if I put the stink of religion on my work, I could get just about any sort of garbage published. Look at Mitch Albom, or the fool that wrote "The Secret."
"That which is placed into a mind is what the mind reacts to, and the impact can be great. Think about that the next time..."

Theyre... soo... close...JUST APPLY THAT TO YOURSELVES!!!!!

morons... no better example of pick and choose mentality
Joo got it!




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