Oh just read it. It's topical.

"That which is placed into a mind is what the mind reacts to, and the impact can be great. Think about that the next time you plan to frighten a child at Halloween."

That line just killed me. Slayed me. They're serious, I guess.

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I have to admit that this sort of crap is one of the things that makes me enjoy Halloween more. I mean, what could be better than scaring Christians? And just think, atheists get to do it all year long!
While I'm sure not all Christians are as pathetically wimpy as this article might suggest... I don't doubt that many Christians do fear the idea of being scared... religion is a form of superstition, and superstitions often go hand in hand with paranoia.

But no, I'm sure not all Christians are this pathetic.
Not all Christians. I, and all my friends, grew up loving Halloween. I still love it.
Well we did Halloween too growing up. But I was raised Catholic and according to a couple of wackos I ran into a few years back, Catholics aren't Christian.

Personally, I think restoring Samhain would be the way to go. Same with Imholc and Beltane and all the celebrations of the movements of Earth versus Sun. Those make sense. The gooey overlay of Christianity is meaningless and tacky. But then again, I was never a Christian, so say the wackos.
I agree with Jean Marie, It just makes me like Halloween even more!!!!!! Whaha(evil laugh)
Funny that their objection to the pagan origins of Halloween isn't applied to Easter or Christmas. These people are idiots.
Some of them complain about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, too. They usually accompany this with phrases like "Jesus is the reason for the season". Actually, the tilt of the Earth's axis is the reason for the season, but that goes way over their heads.
Actually, it is. If you look through the various pages on that site, they tend to reject Christmas and Easter precisely because of their Pagan origins. Halloween is both pagan and really really scary to them. I didn't link the pages in question here because, well, it's not topical yet.

They can't get around to the fact that their religion is derivative and even then poorly thought up. They are indeed idiots.
They don't. They usually know nothing about the history of the church or the history of that fool book of theirs.
I always enjoy pointing out the big similarity between Halloween and Easter...both involve zombies.



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