Christians call claims "evidence", especially since they have no valid evidence.

Every time I've argued with Christians, they keep calling claims written in their Bible and external sources such as Josephus as evidence.
When the fact is that they are merely claims made by some individual.

The debate between Mike Winger and Matt Dillahunty points this out quite clearly.
Mike constantly calls claims, " evidence".
Matt points this error out nicely.

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A claim is not evidence. Anyone should understand that. As far as Josephus, he is a Jew turned Roman and in no way was a "contemporary" of Jesus. Neither were the "early church fathers" we keep hearing so much about. In fact, Saul of Tarsus is credited with writing two thirds of the NT and he never knew or met Jesus. If Saul/Paul ever met any of the Apostles at all I think they kept quiet because they do not know what to think about him. Believers today see nothing wrong here at all and Paul could not tell whether he was in or out of his body when he had his many mystical experiences. 

I look at all of the above plus how we got our modern bible as one book some 300 plus years after Jesus in deciding what is real. Some who understand me claim there still could be a god. OK, which one? We have no sacred writings that were done by gods. 

I've said it many times: assertions without substantiation are NOT evidence.  Either the real world supports your claim or it doesn't.  The bible is full with such claims, never mind prophecies and supposed history, and very little of it even reflects the real world, never mind being corroborated by other observers or sources.

I could claim to be a concert violinist, but the second someone hands me an instrument and requests something by Mozart or Prokofiev, my badly offered bluff has been called.  Anyone making claims and citing the bible as "proof" deserve the same treatment.




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