According to Richard Dawkins in his Good Book, The God Delusion, there probably aren't many Atheists in prison. In fact most people in prison are Christian.

How does this reconcile?

Richard say's Atheists are more intelligent, which is the obvious. What might be some other factors? Fitting in with peers? Or is it just that Christians commit more crime?


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"Richard say's Atheists are more intelligent, which is the obvious."

Always remember that correlation does not imply causation.

Religion creates an environment where people are made to feel guilty for merely existing, for being human. This causes them to act out in bad but predictable ways. This is reinforced by the fact that any wrong thing they do can be forgiven by a higher power. An unbeliever does not have these influences and therefore does not have these reasons to behave in the same way.
A prior study showed that 0.2% of people in prison are considered atheists. However, don't forget that a lot of people "find" religion while in prison in an attempt to get out early for good behavior.

Also remember that the majority of people are the majority religion, regardless of location. In the U.S., Christianity is the majority religion, so it would be the most represented anywhere, including in prisons.

Intelligence has no correlation to crime, but rather the types of crimes. Intelligent people are more likely to commit white collar crimes than blue collar -which means more are in minimum than supermax security, and abuse happens equally in all strata.
There's also a very low rate of Mormons in US prisons. It probably has to do with the gang mentality of the prison system. To survive in Prison for the most part you need to quickly become a part of a group, the groups are usually based on gang alliance, race, or religion.

Religious conversion can also assist in parole hearings, so there's an obvious benefit to being religious in Prison.




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