Armed with my knowledge gained from Richard Dawkins Books I was running rings around yet another silly Christian the other day. He comes out with some drivel portraying Christians as some kind of victimised minority group. Give me a break! I said if that's true it's a good thing as 150 years ago virtually every person in the English speaking world had to be a Christian and we wouldn't want to go back to that! He reckons that's wrong and I said I couldn't believe his ignorance. 

Anyway, that's true isn't it? 

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Ungh, the Christian Persecution complex is astounding to say the least.
Even though nobody is persecuting them, and quite literally grants them passes where we wouldn't any other religion, they're told by the church that everyone wants to persecute them and makes them out to sound like the minority.
And they eat this crap right up.

Imagine anyone else trying that. I can't.

When I think of the Christian persecution complex, I think of is a room of 50 or so Christians with one Atheist in the room rationally and respectfully disagreeing with them... and the hoard of Christians crying and screaming about that one Atheist oppressing them.

Sure, back during the ancient times of Emperor Constantine's reign, perhaps they were outnumbered, or even persecuted... but, someone ought to tell them to have a look at the calendar... if they haven't noticed, it's the year 2010, and they're a majority in the western world.

I got some Mormons today. I tried to explore issues around American Indians and DNA and how gods like to appear to one special person whose job it is to then convert the masses (Smith, Moses, Mohammed at al). We then got on to faith and I quoted Job at them where god strips him of everything to prove a point to the devil and I asked them if that was the god that they felt just and proper to worship.

When they told me that they had the answer and wanted to to show me in their special book, I had to walk away. leaving my chance to find the 'one truth' forever.
What are their names? I probably know them. ;)
If Christians TRULY want to be able to gripe about being victimized, then we need to bring back the Lions Den and see just how long their god is willing to keep them safe. How about that? We'll call it a "test of faith".



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