Christians invent new alternative to Halloween: Jesus Ween!

Believe it or not this is not a Poe.


Hey, Christians! Are you worried that Halloween, with its party atmosphere and costumed witches and spooks, is too pagan for you and your family? Well, fuhgeddaboudit! Now there's a brand new Christian way to celebrate October 31: Jesus Ween!
And it's not about scaring the bejeezus out of kids with hellfire sermons or tours of gory hell-houses either. That's old school. This is the new, kinder, gentler, tech-friendly Christianity we're talking about. They hold seminars! They even have their own website, Twitter account and Facebook page!
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hahahahaha.  That is the saddest thing I have ever seen.
LOL - just weird! They are really desperate to make a Jesus holiday out of anything.
These people could suck the joy out of something as simple as admiring a beautiful sunset!

Halloween (all hallows eve) was a Xtain creation in the first place (as part of their scare the shit out of the faithful program).  They are really a sad bunch of stupid - dumb as a box of rocks but sad.

This happens every year, Christians try to take control of it, and produce some lame alternative that misses the point.
JesusWeen... because I totally DON'T think of Jesus's ween when I see that phrase.
I don't think of Jesus's ween when I see that phrase either. I think of the lack of jdgment and the divorcement from reality his religion engenders in his followers.

There are just so many places to go with Jesusween in terms of ridicule.  We need an atheist late night talk show host for these things. 





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