I'm here to deliver a message on behalf of the atheists who are tired of being told by all you good Christians that there really are good Christians in the world. I'm done mentioning you until you do something worthy of mention. Stand up for my rights -- in public, not just on a ten second Facebook comment. Then I'll mention you. Organize your church to lobby your local legislature to stop having prayers in government meetings. Then I'll mention you. Collect money and send it to the Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas that just got firebombed. Then I'll mention you.


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it's as if we're a mass of shrinks

and the patience have run amok! ?

the subjects... they need more than man made god. hard drugs imho might help

perhaps a new outlet? nature walk. sex. nature stuff.
the whole hate the women n' their family planning is disgusting who they kiddn'?

or who's the secret shadow gov they worship...? it's organized crime connections no doubt in my mind.
white/black collar corrupting

no doubt; tons of trouble and some ceo benefits; serious.

Some good news for a change:

Tajik leader bars youngsters from Mosques to discourage extremism


When are extremist Christian and Jewish groups going to do the same?

Also, Canada passes law barring lying on the media news programs.

Are people beginning to wake up to all the bullshit being passed on by these intimidated media?

Favorite christian quote:  "Kill them all; "god"™ will know his own."   Papal legate Arnaud-Amaury, Abbot of Cîteaux, speaking about murdering his fellow Cathar christians.
I think they have no clue about the religious exclusion that's in the works... for them too
Molotov cocktails are a nicer way of burning us alive than tying us to poles over firewood. At least we have the chance to run. Christianity has come a long way in the past 400 years! Don't be too hard on 'em. :)




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