Christians lost at sea. I'm sure they probably prayed for a rescue. Aaaand I'm sure they view those prayers as answered.

Found this humorous article this morning.

I was about to note the irony in the very political system they were attempting to escape serving to aid in their rescue, but someone in the comments section has already done just that:

"So, due to their stupidity, the taxpayers, (including homosexuals and those who've had or provided abortions), are footing the bill to get them back to the U.S. Perhaps God did hear them and tried to give them an object lesson; however, I doubt they'll have ears to hear. Isn't it ironic?"

Why, yes. Yes it is.

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too bad they don't worship the Drowned God from Game of Thrones. 

these folks are probably faith healers as well.  can we just ship them to wherever they want to go?  maybe they can recruit other whack jobs and our country can be just a smidgen saner. 

can we just ship them to wherever they want to go? What do you have against the people of Kiribati, or any other place, for that matter? My thoughts would lean toward North Korea, but the poor folks there have their own problems, without us having to dump our loonies in their lap.

On the one hand, I can certainly understand wanting to get the hell out of Arizona under its current state government. Can't blame them for that. On the other hand, did these morons ever hear of an airline or passenger ship ticket? Oh, I forgot. They were taking a leap of faith and seeing where god would lead them.

As the Captain of the Venezuelan fishing boat said,"You're in the middle of nowhere." Seems to be an appropriate comment as to where religious faith will lead you.




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