Hello all, christians and muslims both believe in the virgin
birth of Jesus, isnt it possible that mary was having an affair and she
accidentally got pregnant?, but since she knew the people that lived
back then were a superstitious gullible lot, she came up with the lie
that it was god that made her pregnant and the fools believed her,

i personally think she was a really smart woman because up till today her lie is still believed by christians and muslims

if she was alive today she will be a very good politician,

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The parallel between Christianity and Islam regarding the time axis sounds good but I don't think it's a valid point. Maybe if it regards much shorter periods of time but not when we talk about 2000 or 1400 years. If it's true, we could say that Islam is at the end of Medieval period and will soon enter in Renaissance then 200 years later in their own Baroque, etc. There are 1400 years of history when Christian and Muslim world exchanged ideas, technology, art, etc.

The islamic society in Spain was a very illuminated one and they were the ones that reintroduced Greek-Roman ideas and philosophy back to Western Europe. Not only that they reintroduced the antiquity's science and philosophy but they contributed to and improved the knowledge they inherited. We write with ARABIC digits because of them and they contributed immensely to the European culture. In a period, everyone in Europe was very fond of their culture and you can see paintings of European leaders, kings and princes, that are dress like Muslims even if they lived as far as territories that are now Germany or England.
Spanish Islamic society was even attacked by their own Islamic red-necks from African dessert because they were too liberal then it was attacked by European Christian red-necks and finally defeated until their history was deleted by the supreme assholes Ferdinand and Isabella + Torquemada, the cherry on the cake.
Which comedian was that who said "Mary was one woman who really stuck to her story"? Although, didn't people in the olden days used to examine women to check for virginity? (The hymen...not too accurate a measurement of virginity.)

There probably have been some virgin births since then, with artificial insemination (people want to get pregnant without sex?! It's supposed to be the other way around!). Or some sperm could have gotten in there if they were really fooling around in close proximity even without sex.
".....isnt it possible that mary was having an affair and she
accidentally got pregnant?"

No, how does one get "accidentally pregnant" by fucking?

"...if she was alive today she will be a very good politician."

Do you suppose she was reincarnated as Hillory Clinton?
lol...lmao...very well said rusty
Lots of people get accidentally pregnant by fucking!
No, but she was pimped.
If the story was true, or had some historical basis, then it is highly probable that she and joseph (or any man) were "having too much fun" or that she had an affair.

And she stuck to her story pretty well - that's if she had existed...
More likely that she truly believed her story. It was both a comforting and safe delusion. We have many cases of even more extreme delusions in our modern culture. Sometimes women have hysterical pregnancies, where they believe they are pregnant without having had sex. It is not hard to imagine wanting to believe that your pregnancy came from god rather than rape or infidelity. It is easier to sell a lie if you believe it. It was a mater of survival.

Like you said, if she existed. Although the virgin birth myth was so common at that time, that I suspect many such "virgins" did exist. It was a time when you were stoned to death for such infidelity. A level of repressive mindless violence that is still evident in the Muslim world.
My two cents: I hate the word "Whore", as well as slut, at least in this context. It makes me think of some white frat boys trying to make themselves feel better by bullying some woman they may or may not have gotten "their way with".

Plus, its reminiscent of the group stoning someone. I think the words are worse than "fuck" or "shit" because those generally imply mutual consent, but if those words are meant to be kept out of the post titles, this one certainly should be.
She might have been raped. We have no way of knowing. There is no reason to pass judgment on her based on what little is presented in the bible. It is pointless to discuss the moral character of this particular example of the common myth of virgin birth. It is a ridiculous primitive story. I think it was common in that time that when a woman became pregnant and couldn't identify a father, it was believed to be an "act of god." They were an ignorant people. Who cares.
Didn't the original untranslated word for Mary mean "young" and not "virgin"?
Didn't we translate it to mean virgin later?
Maybe, but then is that true of all the other gods/prophets born to virgin mothers in that era, fathered by gods? Seems likely that Jesus was just another virgin birth like the others, but then maybe not. Still, if you are the "son of god" then it would be a magic pregnancy, whether she had sex before or not.

Maybe they just meant to say she was "young." It is another instance of an interesting paradox for religious zealots, as they try to explain and make sense of their miracles, they become mundane and they are left with nothing to worship.



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