Hello all, christians and muslims both believe in the virgin
birth of Jesus, isnt it possible that mary was having an affair and she
accidentally got pregnant?, but since she knew the people that lived
back then were a superstitious gullible lot, she came up with the lie
that it was god that made her pregnant and the fools believed her,

i personally think she was a really smart woman because up till today her lie is still believed by christians and muslims

if she was alive today she will be a very good politician,

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Nothin wrong with a little banjo, Glen!!
You should read up on the official North Korean "historical" account of the birth of Kim Jong Il. Hilarious.

Wow. Hadn't considered that but ... wow.

Goes a long way to show just how easily history can be skewed with. Imagine 2,000 years ago when we didn't have Wikipedia or freedom of information, when only an elite few were literate and only a few of their writings survived.

It's why historians are not just looking at the text, but the context.
Children are starving right now to death in Africa, dying every a few seconds, and God puts gas in a priest's tank... Do you see how good it is to have the right connection? If god saved his money for gas, maybe the priest doesn't need donations for his church. People should donate money directly to the needy in the name of god and should just pray for their virtuos and wonderful priest.

thanks for the concern Glen, like i said dont worry about me...i will do the best i can to keep myself safe and keep pretending to be a muslim....maybe one day people wont be close minded and we atheists can comeout of the closet
i agree with you i beleive the reason why islam is still harsh on atheists is because it is way younger than christianity...no one would dare denounce christianity 300 years ago...so its the same with islam now....but like you said i have hope that sometime in the future it will all change and relax just the way christianity has kind of relaxed now....that explains why all the nigerian atheists i have met online are ex-christians, i am the only ex muslim nigerian atheist i know...thank Allah i am am atheist...lol
The parallel between Christianity and Islam regarding the time axis sounds good but I don't think it's a valid point. Maybe if it regards much shorter periods of time but not when we talk about 2000 or 1400 years. If it's true, we could say that Islam is at the end of Medieval period and will soon enter in Renaissance then 200 years later in their own Baroque, etc. There are 1400 years of history when Christian and Muslim world exchanged ideas, technology, art, etc.

The islamic society in Spain was a very illuminated one and they were the ones that reintroduced Greek-Roman ideas and philosophy back to Western Europe. Not only that they reintroduced the antiquity's science and philosophy but they contributed to and improved the knowledge they inherited. We write with ARABIC digits because of them and they contributed immensely to the European culture. In a period, everyone in Europe was very fond of their culture and you can see paintings of European leaders, kings and princes, that are dress like Muslims even if they lived as far as territories that are now Germany or England.
Spanish Islamic society was even attacked by their own Islamic red-necks from African dessert because they were too liberal then it was attacked by European Christian red-necks and finally defeated until their history was deleted by the supreme assholes Ferdinand and Isabella + Torquemada, the cherry on the cake.
Which comedian was that who said "Mary was one woman who really stuck to her story"? Although, didn't people in the olden days used to examine women to check for virginity? (The hymen...not too accurate a measurement of virginity.)

There probably have been some virgin births since then, with artificial insemination (people want to get pregnant without sex?! It's supposed to be the other way around!). Or some sperm could have gotten in there if they were really fooling around in close proximity even without sex.
".....isnt it possible that mary was having an affair and she
accidentally got pregnant?"

No, how does one get "accidentally pregnant" by fucking?

"...if she was alive today she will be a very good politician."

Do you suppose she was reincarnated as Hillory Clinton?
lol...lmao...very well said rusty
Lots of people get accidentally pregnant by fucking!
No, but she was pimped.



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