Hello all, christians and muslims both believe in the virgin
birth of Jesus, isnt it possible that mary was having an affair and she
accidentally got pregnant?, but since she knew the people that lived
back then were a superstitious gullible lot, she came up with the lie
that it was god that made her pregnant and the fools believed her,

i personally think she was a really smart woman because up till today her lie is still believed by christians and muslims

if she was alive today she will be a very good politician,

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Was Mary a whore? I think that would be giving her too much credit. Whores are independent and admirable people. Mary was a taciturn, passive figure. This comparison is insulting to any whore.
Interesting take on it Tom!
Nice. Well said. Whores are hard working and committed to their profession, unlike this one who gave up on just the first try.
I prefer not to use use the word whore for a woman who chooses to keep the father of her child a secret. It is a matter of personal choice, women have the ability and someone didn't follow up his screws well enough. That said lets think logically, now how many of us men actually do follow up on our one nights and screw ups (condom burst ...) all along. So lets give the gentleman a break, it happens so what if his child became famous. The child is just a scapegoat, the "sacrificial lamb" for the Politicians!! of the world. Muslim faith allows the ruler to profess his words as Gods words so Christians needed their version too, now it cant be all bad. After all no one is exporting the money made in this whole game out of the planet just yet!



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