For those of you living, or have lived, elsewhere.

I work with a diverse group of people, pretty much no one has the same religious background, many of which come from diverse parts of the world. One of the most socially permissive people I work with hails from Eastern Europe, she's also Catholic. I suspect her permissiveness is the result of who she is as an individual. Still, I have to wonder, are Christians from other parts of the world less caught up in political bullshit?

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I can speak for the NZ-ers. We're a very centrist nation - our last general election basically came down to denationalisation of public services and tax cuts: one party guarunteed them (John Key), the incumbent wanted to tread cautiously and not make any promises but they WANTED to make certain cuts (Aunty Helen. I miss Aunty Helen). Can you guess who won? I don't believe God was ever mentioned in the entire election. Well, in every pre-parliamentary prayer, sure, but not in debate. So no, Christianity generally stays well out of our politics.
Except from a minority party. We have MMP and a very small, very right-wing party of Christians (vaguely Pentecostal/Evangelical style) is trying to get some measure of political power. They campaign on the usual things - traditional values, running hate-campaigns against equal rights for gay couples (NZ has it 80% right), restriction of reproductive rights for women, you know the usual. The rest of the country thinks they're generally pretty nutty.
There was also some hoopla some years ago about some very small, borderline cult group giving some politician funds and it not being declared properly...




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