I was having a discussion with a Christian on a message forum and she stated "There are absolutely no contradictions in the Bible. Every seeming contradiction isn't really a contradiction. I could send you some studies that you may find helpful." She then proceeded to give me links to sites that attempt to reconcile these contradictions.

It always amazes me how some people won't trust science, but they'll trust some dude with a website who doesn't say anything about his credentials and doesn't even acknowledge that their are scholars who agree that these are contradictions. This link was my favorite:


It doesn't even go through the individual contradictions, it basically just says that if there is a contradiction, then you're reading it wrong. :facepalm:


Another person chimed in, saying "There is no error or contradiction in God's Word. God's Word includes God's thoughts. Printed words on the page of a Bible are just words (incomplete without God's thoughts). The printed words of the Bible only become God's Word when the Holy Spirit reveals God's thoughts behind the printed words. Therefore, the printed words can contain errors and even contradictions. The Holy Spirit can give insight to see past the errors of the printed words when God's thoughts are revealed."



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So now I need an ethereal being who hasn't contacted us in hundreds of years to act as my interpreter? Well, I certainly hope I'm not paying this no-show.
Mysterious Ways + God's Mind = I win all arguments
Oh ... so the two different stories of the death of Judas Iscariot and the three different versions of the resurrection don't count, eh?

Darn, and here I thought that the bible was divinely inspired and all that. DARN!
Christian fundies are short on free thought. They believe what they are told to believe, and no one outside of their cult can shake it. So when confronted with idiots, I tend to shoot for the low blows. I ask if they've ever stoned anyone to death for working on a Saturday (the actual Sabbath, ask any Jew). Of course, all of them have shopped on a Saturday... which places them right in the hellfire. They'll do the usual "Jesus came..." crap. So I ask them to point out where Jesus said things had changed, because I could point out where he said they hadn't. "Do not think that I have come to change the law..." Of course, they also say homosexuality is still a sin, which is a verse right next to stoning to death your children.
I agree that sometimes atheists will misunderstand what a passage is saying or take something out of context. Just like the Bible, we aren't perfect.
Not that this would help with idiots but the parallel Gospels is good to see the differences in the texts. They even include the Gospel of Thomas.

It's a shame to me that in the 21st century humans are still one virgin away from a volcano.
Well if the printed bible contains errors, then don't follow them because then 'you're doing it wrong'. Oh, and the Holy Spirit told me evolution is true.
How does anybody know what God's words or thoughts are? Why should anybody pay lip-service to anybody who claims to know ANYTHING about the supernatural? Such bunk should be exposed, on the spot, for the delusions they are.

Ridicule is normally not the best alternative. But when faced with the utter bullshit of Godspeak, it's the most effective way of pulling the rug out from under these brainwashed (dare I say it?) idiots.
What your first fundie fails to realize, admit or acknowledge is the bible has had hundreds of years of translations, interpretations, and personal agendas written by man. And that’s some serious, world class denial.
Your second is a devout apologetic, replete with the circular logic that the bible is god’s word because it says so in the bible. And claiming to know another’s thoughts is text book psychosis.
On the theist's attitude that: "if there is a contradiction, then you're reading it wrong", what we have in that, is prejudice on their part. The prejudice is that the Bible is flawless, and people with that attitude will not allow their feeble human logic to override their feeble human need to cling to what might be a falsehood, yet gives them some kind of comfort. On the contrary theists of that ilk will see their "faith" as a good thing, to be maintained with pride, and at all costs.
any delusional individual will be unable to comprehend reality and logic. If they could they would not be delusional.




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