I was having a discussion with a Christian on a message forum and she stated "There are absolutely no contradictions in the Bible. Every seeming contradiction isn't really a contradiction. I could send you some studies that you may find helpful." She then proceeded to give me links to sites that attempt to reconcile these contradictions.

It always amazes me how some people won't trust science, but they'll trust some dude with a website who doesn't say anything about his credentials and doesn't even acknowledge that their are scholars who agree that these are contradictions. This link was my favorite:


It doesn't even go through the individual contradictions, it basically just says that if there is a contradiction, then you're reading it wrong. :facepalm:


Another person chimed in, saying "There is no error or contradiction in God's Word. God's Word includes God's thoughts. Printed words on the page of a Bible are just words (incomplete without God's thoughts). The printed words of the Bible only become God's Word when the Holy Spirit reveals God's thoughts behind the printed words. Therefore, the printed words can contain errors and even contradictions. The Holy Spirit can give insight to see past the errors of the printed words when God's thoughts are revealed."



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Never mind if it makes sense or not ...godsaidit. He purposely didn't make us smart enough to understand the contradiction because we are meant to follow on faith, not actual stuff that makes sense. Kind of like my job, now that I think of it.
My aunt did the same exact thing. She refused to acknowledge that there are contradictions in the bible and went further to say that anyone who says there are contradictions is not a christian. And when I try to show her the contradictions by sending her a link, she refused to even look at the thing. She did not even look at it but continued to say there were no contradictions. Its like I can tell her I have a cup in my hand and she says I have a cup in my hand and when I try to show her I have a cup in my hand she turns away so as to not see it. It's childish. Theist deny evidence even when it's in their faces. They stick their fingers in their ears, close their eyes, and sing "lalala, I can't hear you". It is so difficult having a conversation with theists like that. You get the notion you are talking to a wall. And i simply get frustrated and just shut up.
My favorite explanation that I've heard theists say is that we can't see the bigger picture because our minds aren't capable to comprehend the awesomeness of him and his plan (will, concept, insert further multivariates). That it's bigger than what any puny human peabrain can deal with.

I've heard this same kind of answer again when describing what the g.o.d. looks like. That his image is (again) far too awesome for our feeble eyes to see, we would be blind from pure rapture.

Yes, this is what christers told me when I was a church going believer, a believer but wholly unsatisfied when hearing boolshyt explanations like this.
Pretty smart being to use about a hundred different languages for his little "how to" manual.




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