According to the Bible, "the fool says in his heart there is no God" (Psalm 14:1) and this April 1st, some Christians will honor the day by praying for atheists. At least those who are joining the Pray for an Atheist fan page on Facebook will.


And they'll be praying for us by name! (more here)



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Thousands of Xtians praying for a month should have the same effect as throwing a penny in a wishing well
Less. With the well you're a penny poorer.
Cool, while they're praying, I can get some extra points on Mafia Wars by declaring war... or should I stick to sucker punches?
Why can't we all be nice for a change and pray for the pope and all his boy screwing priests? They are really nice after all and are only doing catholic style sex education. Come on give 'um a prayer or two can't cha?
You are right! Where is my human compassion? We should also pray that they are cured of the horrible affliction they have - gross hypocrisy.
And while we're at it a couple of prayers for the pope to get rid of that stupid hat might be useful.
Yes, but save the hat. I want it. Then I can give the poop my Gen. G. Patton stick 'em up the ass on my spear helmet.

Are you a carver? I am a wood carver. Love to chat a carver.
I am indeed a wood carver (Lots of craven images). My regular email is jadepaulo at gmail dot com. I'm leaving on a road trip with my brother on Sunday but I'll take my laptop and will be checking in daily.
Most of my carvings are hand held size but I've done a 1/2 scale carousel horse.
Oh, and you can have the funny might make a nice birdhouse. .
Can we moon for the Christians on April 1st?

send in a jpeg/gif/scan of your buttcheeks and post it on the X-ians FB page linked above.....

"Dear Religious Retarded people - please save our butts from scorched crack hair in the fiery pit of Perdition!!!!

Especially THIS BUTT!!!!!! :D

Mark we can do it. Butt.....

Should we defile Luna the Lovely that way?

Remember she is the goddess that gives us the swell moths.
There are some butts that should never be seen .... never. On the other hand, there are some butts which scream for display.
The article also encourages them to "UNDERSTAND how people become atheists through resources". This might prove a positive thing for the Christians involved as well if it opens their mind a little. Though it will depend a lot on which resources they use. Maybe we should recommend some reading to the Facebook group?
A very constructive suggestion. How about Sam Harris's The End of Faith? Or better yet, his Letter to a Christian Nation?



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