If Jesus' dad is God, then doesn't them make him a bastard and Joseph a cuckold?

If Mary was impregnated by God without her knowledge, then wouldn't that be without her consent and therefore a rape?

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Yeah, pretty much. I don't think that's the worst stuff he's supposedly done though.

Having said that, rape technically involves penetration, and what he did sounds more like IVF. So maybe it's just a sexual molestation charge or something.

I think there are people out there who would disagree and say that they've been raped without penetration.

Yep, Depends on jurisdiction. I don't know which country you'd try him in if he's everywhere at once. Maybe Israel.

I can hear the hate dripping from this post...

Hmm, the most famous cockold in the world - Joseph! Haha.

Yahweh wasn't just a rapist though, he's probably the most childish and petty dictator in history.



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