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There are some christians who will insist on being STUPID ... in the face of fact, in the face of reality, in the face of the event RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM, they will DEMAND the right to be stupid ... right up to the point where their stupidity KILLS THEM.

This is what is called a failure to adapt to circumstances...


I know right??

Not only will the poor but also the ignorant and stupid will always be with us..(yes I plagiarized it form Mark 14:7)

We'll always have problems as long as people consider faith to be a badge of honor.

My wife, who I have promised, and do continue to love, is catholic. She has made comments to others about my lack of imagination. I don't apologize for not imagining things indistinguishable from fantasy. Sorry...

Oh my.  Is it any wonder our kids score lousy in math and science and are lagging behind other nations?  It's absolutely embarrassing!  Personally, I just could never live in such a state of denial!  




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