Does anyone become aggravated by all the 'religiousity' around Christmas?

Perhaps this will help:

Stewie from The Family Guy (I think it was Stewie) referred to the Bible as "That storybook Jesus was in."

My daughter and I watch together (she's fourteen - so since she was eleven or so) and we talk about the satire and the nature of the things being made light of. But this little 'gem' from the 'mouth of the babe' is actually useful for us, especially around Christmas.

Once you identify the Christian stuff about Christmas as being based on "That storybook Jesus was in." - it's all okay. Songs, sentiments, etc. - most associated with Christmas range from innocuous to caring as long as the story isn't taken literally.

The truth is, almost every culture develops a winter festival custom. It is the hardest time of year and it makes perfect sense that a festival of sharing and cheer be observed at that time - for the morale and survival of the group.

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