I was walking through Home Depot yesterday, and saw that they had up a Christmas display. Personally I think that there should be a law against putting up Christmas decorations and playing Christmas songs before Thanksgiving. Anyway, it got me thinking. All the Atheists I know celebrate Christmas. I think we should keep the Christ in Christmas and give it to the Christians. Instead, we should celebrate X-mas. Any thoughts?

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From Wikipedia: "The modern English word Yule likely derives from the word yoole, from 1450, which developed from the Old English term geōl and geōla before 899. The term has been linked to and may originate from the Old Norse Jōl.[1] The etymology of the name of the feast of Yule (Old Norse jól, Anglo-Saxon geohol and gehol) and the winter month (Anglo-Saxon giuli, geóla, Gothic fruma jiuleis, Old Norse ýlir) has not yet been completely explained, but the term may have originally meant something similar to "magic" or "feast of entreaty".[2] This word is also the root of the English word "jolly."[3]

Jól has alternately been theorized as deriving from Old Norse hjól, wheel, referring to the moment when the wheel of the year is at its low point, ready to rise again (compare to the Slavic karachun). This theory may be more based on similarities between the words jul (Christmas) and hjul (with a mute h, wheel) in modern Scandinavian languages, than on older cognates or historical sources."
X means Christ. There is no difference ;-)

However, Christmas has become a secular tradition and for as long as I can remember the only ones who celebrate the religious part are Christians.

It's only been in the last 10 years or so (in Canada) that the Christians have tried to take ownership of it again.

In fact, the Pilgrims banned Christmas because of it's Pagan origins.

That plus the fact that it is highly unlikely (based on scripture) that Jesus was born anywhere near that time.

Although I don't know if Jesus birth played into the Pilgrims decision.

At any rate, it's a pagan holiday through and through and IMO the name is just tradition and nothing more. It holds no religious meaning to me anyway.

I'm fine with celebrating Christmas as it is, happily wish people a Merry Christmas, and am happy that we stole the holiday back from Christians.

If they want to delude themselves into believing it's a religious holiday that's okay with me too but I'm not giving it back to them :-).

I'm fine with celebrating Christmas as it is and happily wish people a Merry Christmas.

As am/do I. At least when I'm in a good mood and not wearing my humbug hat.
Or when they insist that we have no right to celebrate it because it's purportedly religious :-(.

This is the point at which I take the opportunity to educate them on each and every Pagan tradition associated with Christmas (gasp!) and the fact that Jesus (the man who led the Christus sect, not the divine being in the fairy tale) was most likely born in either the early spring or fall.

Then I suggest they might be better off celebrating Jesus birth at those times, if that's what they want to celebrate. :-).
The X in X-mas comes from the Greek word for Christ.

The following is from Wikipedia: "Christ is the English term for the Greek Χριστός (Khristós) meaning "the anointed". It is a translation of the Hebrew מָשִׁיחַ (Māšîaḥ)."
my mom always told me "DONT MAKE A-MAS!" She is a christian.
Call it what you want, participate or don't; whatever makes you happy.
I have no problems with Christmas really I dont see it having anything to do with Christianity other than the fact they hijacked it like they have done to everything. To me it is the Winter Solstice celebration :)
its a two edged sword. If Christians insist on letting everyone of all religions celebrate Christmas, then its only going to get watered down into a generic holiday. If they were as keen on "Defending the Definition of Christmas" as they seem to be with Marriage, then all of us atheists "doing violence to the definition of christmas" by just being nice, handing out presents, and not acknowledging baby jeebus should be constantly protested by them.

Honestly, Im amazed more xtians do not protest people of other faiths "doing violence to the definition of xmas".
They do.

Last year the priest at my church said we should forgo presents during Christmas -- fat chance.
I celebrate X-mas. I call it that and everything. What I want is some X-mas music!
This is exactly what I was thinking when I posted, but I didn't know how many people heard of Futurama. I also thought about calling it A-mas like Jeff suggested or Atheiestmas, which sounded kind of corney to me. I just wanted people to have fun with it. Thanks for posting the Video.




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