I was walking through Home Depot yesterday, and saw that they had up a Christmas display. Personally I think that there should be a law against putting up Christmas decorations and playing Christmas songs before Thanksgiving. Anyway, it got me thinking. All the Atheists I know celebrate Christmas. I think we should keep the Christ in Christmas and give it to the Christians. Instead, we should celebrate X-mas. Any thoughts?

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This is exactly what I was thinking when I posted, but I didn't know how many people heard of Futurama. I also thought about calling it A-mas like Jeff suggested or Atheiestmas, which sounded kind of corney to me. I just wanted people to have fun with it. Thanks for posting the Video.
How about Christ-myth? Lol.
Love Christmyth. Thats too funny.
Well Merry Christmyth to ya then (that was the blog heading on my Christmas post last year :-)
Great! May I steal the image for my Christmyth blog this year (I'll give credit to you :-).
Thanks! Much appreciated.
This is genius.
Ohhhh,I do like the way your mind works!
xmas? wtf is that
we're at 11.x unemployment and rising!?
more to come w/out proper tech and green solutions education

fzuck xmans
there are no so much lights as compared to 10 years ago down here in 33024
any lights that are up have blood money on them
who can afford the damn FPL bill!??!?!?

arrest Charlie Crist and Rothstein at the same time already!
...no matter how it´s called, or if it´s a pagan or a christian festivity, it comes from religion, including the existence of "god" or "gods", and as an Atheist you decided not to belive in this humbug. For sure it´s good to have some "free" days, but as it´s a "religious" "holy"day, you simply shouldn´t celebrate...
I don't celebrate it, so what to call it isn't much of an issue for me. I admit that I have very little understanding as to why an atheist would want to be a "cultural Christian," but it doesn't bother me that others find it worth celebrating. I just don't happen to share their sentiment.
As much as I despise enforced spirituality and religious conundrums, I enjoy every occasion there is to party and have a good time with people I love.
Maybe we could make Christmas gender-neutral and call it XX-and-XY-mas.



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