I was walking through Home Depot yesterday, and saw that they had up a Christmas display. Personally I think that there should be a law against putting up Christmas decorations and playing Christmas songs before Thanksgiving. Anyway, it got me thinking. All the Atheists I know celebrate Christmas. I think we should keep the Christ in Christmas and give it to the Christians. Instead, we should celebrate X-mas. Any thoughts?

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we celebrate the winter solstice with our kids. I spell it "X-MESS" (or Christ's Mess) to my friends. the grandparents, unfortunately, insist on this "christmas" nonsense. The kids just think it's a time to get gifts and give thanks. In the end, that's okay with me... although the consumerist angle bugs me!
We celebrate Krismas :)
No! No Christ, no Christmas, no X-mas. We should celebrate the real reason for the season: the season. Solstice. All winter holidays are religion layered upon ancient celebration of solstice. Just take out the religion and have your celebration on the Solstice.
Whatever makes you hoppy :-)
No sense in running away from religion. Use the Christmas holiday to point out how pathetic Christians are LOL. Jesus wasn't even born on Dec 25th according to an analysis of the Bible I read.

The church clearly moved the holiday to the 25th in order to overshadow the pagan tradition. In the end, we got santa clause (?), christmas trees (germania), and (for some retarded reason) christ all mixed in one holiday.

lol stupid christians. Don't even realize their holiday is mostly pagan.
I celebrate a secular version of Christmas but say the phrase "Merry Christmas" very liberally...I don't think of it as the birth of Christ or a holy day or "mass" but instead as a celebration/appreciation of family/friends. It's about gift-giving, good food, and sharing each others' company.

When I choose holiday cards to send out, I find the most secular cards I can find......no religious symbolism. It's pretty easy to have a secular Christmas. I appreciate the winter solstice but think it's a little "new agey" to make a big production about the lack of sunlight and shortening of days. I may as well pray to tree bark and talk to my plants if I'm going to go down that route.
I think it is a mistake to react to Solstice as "new agey." Sure, new age weirdos and neo-pagans latched onto Solstice, but with good reason. The same reason all the religions placed their "holy" days there. It is a real phenomenon. It doesn't belong to new age flakes, or christians, or anyone. Religious people like milk and apple pie too, but they don't own those things, and I'm not going to deny my right to enjoy them. Same with Solstice.

It is quite rational to hold your celebration to coincide with an astronomical event that represents the return of longer days and warmer weather. It isn't religious, pagan, or irrational just because others ascribed that meaning to it. We shouldn't let religion decide when we celebrate.
Good point about separation of church and state. If we had a rational secular government they would have declared Solstice the winter festival day and ignore christmas.
Dude... I walked into stores in AUGUST.. and they had their bah humbug shit up.
Hurry up with that. I can't wait to see it.
Christmas needs to be more metal. Therefore: Dethmas
No no, we need a prog rock christmas: Progmas



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