Christmas vs. Remembrance Day (Veterans' Day for those of you south of the border)

Though I try, it is impossible to ignore the christmas consumer blitz that has already begun. All the cheap plastic hallowe'en crap is gone and replaced by the cheap plastic christmas crap. Is it just me or is it not in bad corporate taste to neglect the solemn occasion of Remembrance on Nov. 11? In my humble opinion it is a complete disrespect to the millions who made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom (well, the most reasonable facsimile of freedom that we have had to date). After all, this consumer orgy might not have even been possible without that sacrifice. Shame on you Starbucks, Disney, et al. Just my 2 cents worth, had to get it off my chest.

Lest we forget.

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Well it may be poor taste, but you can only sell so much red, white, and blue for a holiday where people don't really buy things. Business comes before meaning, of course.
Personally, I think it is better that corporations stay out of Veterans Day, except, perhaps, for offering special discounts to veterans. They start the Christmas stuff way too early, but that's a separate issue.
Too early is precisely the issue I meant. In no way was I inferring that corporations should really get involved. Just a little respect would help. At one of the local Starbuck's, prior to Remebrance Day, the full christmas show was already in full swing and no collection jar for the poppy fund was to be seen. What better place to collect a little change. I guess a separate topic is in order to address the practically 1/6th of the year we have to listen to stupid jingle bells tugging at the heartstrings of the weakminded.





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