So ends an era... Thanks for you help Chris. You will be missed.

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I'm crying.

Ahhhhh, NO!  Too soon!  Too soon!

I hope someone publishes collections of his articles.  His work is timeless.


His voice, in print or in audio/visual will continue to be heard by many, for years to come. The world has lost a very profound and articulate mentor. We will miss him...

Johnny Walker tonight in his honor.

I may actually break out my 18-year-old MacAllan for him.  It doesn't have the edge that the Johnny Walker has, but it has one thing in common with the Hitch: CLASS.

Ooh, nice. Drink one to Hitch for me too.

sounds like a plan Loren.  i'm off to the liquor store to buy something similar.  what a tough morning. 

He might be passed away, but I'm sure the wake he helped trigger has just begun.

I'm sure many will be raising their glass to him tonight.


A sad loss not only for his family and friends but for all those he inspired  to find their voice!


We knew it was coming but I'm devastated: he was a brave man with a great mind. He will be missed. Who else will have the equally vicious and refined wit to take some of these deluded deists and theists to task? We lost our figurehead and battering ram.

This is so sad but I will be raising a glass in a toast to him.




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