So ends an era... Thanks for you help Chris. You will be missed.

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"...he was an unabashed truth-seeker."

YES! Exactly! He was the first person that I know of who personally dug up the shocking facts about the money-grubbing Fraud of Calcutta, and published them in plain English.  If I had the money, I would buy thousands of copies of The Missionary Position, and send them to every public high school in the country.  Or just leave stacks of them in public places for people to pick up and read.

She was a prime example of how the media can be manipulated, and most people still believe that she actually helped the poor with all the money that was donated to her organization.  I think most of it is still sitting in bank accounts around the world, doing nothing for anybody. Well, collecting interest for the Vatican.  BFD

I think her Nobel Peace Prize should have been rescinded decades ago.

I have other books by Hitch, but I will always love him for The Missionary Position.

He changed the world for many, many people.  I am so grateful that he was here.  And now, very sad.

Chris- You've taught me the best things in life.  I could never repay you.  Thanks for all that you stood for.

United Under One

when i told my wife that he passed this morning she said "good".  Hitch came to represent, to her, my Atheism, which she finds regrettable.  not that she's a true theist herself, but she just doesn't like to think or talk about these things and i obviously do. 

when i told her that i was sobbing upon hearing the news, she said "seriously?" 

once i stubled upon Hitch, i devoured everything i could find on him.  he was so remarkable, and his loss should be felt by everyone (it won't) because he is one of the few who truly made this world a more interesting place. 

With silver tongue that shot daggers of truth into his detractors

With passion for booze to make their fallacies less boring

With light-years of rhetoric supplied by many factors

I learned of his death late this morning

And while I have yet to shed a tear for the corpse formally know as Hitch

You can bet every cent that tonight I’m drinking at least a fifth.

Christopher Hitchens died at age 62
Carl Sagan died at age 62

Two great men. A great loss to us all.

So sad,so very sad.

read Sam Harris' tribute to Christopher Hitchens here.


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