Just read this...

Christopher Hitchens has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

The Vanity Fair and Slate columnist and author of recent memoir Hitch 22 recently suspended his book tour for what was described as "personal reasons."

Now, he reveals in a statement:

I have been advised by my physician that I must undergo a course of chemotherapy on my esophagus. This advice seems persuasive to me. I regret having had to cancel so many engagements at such short notice.

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I just saw that. I call it Fluffington Post.
This comment gives me the giggles:

"I pray that Mr. Hitchens will get the revelation that God IS truly, indeed great. You have a brilliant mind that was created by God, paradoxically (unfortunately) it is a skewed one . This Great God, this same God, has given each and every one of us free will. So Mr. Hitchens, as do I and everyone else reserve the right to believe or not to believe. That is one of the many, countless reasons why God is Great - we can choose Him, or not. God's speed Mr. Hitchens, I pray that God will heal and deliver you from this scourge, cancer. God bless."

I first time I skimmed over this and saw how Gods he put in his comment, I knew it was going to be fun to read.
That's very sad news to hear. He's brilliant and I hope he makes it through this and lives many more years.
I love the guy but every time I see him he has a drink and cigarette in his hand.Hope He gets better, we need him.
Esophagus cancer? Owe poor guy. My mom had breast cancer any form of cancer is a terrible thing to go through.
Wow, I hope he succeeds in fighting this as good as hes fought religious oppression!
As do I.
This is upsetting. 5 years ago I lost my mother to colonic cancer. Its always a hard process. My best wishes are with Christopher Hitchens and his family.
Best wishes for his recovery.
I heard the news this morning on the Youtube and it shook me; the condition is really nasty, but I hope he'll recover; even if he doesn't, you know what? I would still prefer 60 years of freedom of thinking (Hitchens's style) to 150 years of living under a rock (Christian style).
It is interesting to observe the atheist response to such news as we have learned about C.H.

How much easier to deal with this bit of stomach churning news by saying something about god’s will and turning over the actually caring about someone in CH’s situation to some omnipotent being that we not only can not comprehend but upon whom we can also place the responsibility for caring.

So, what do we do with our shared concern for CH?
Well, abandonment of faith does not mean we’ve abandoned hope. It does not mean we abandon respect and love for this guy. It does not mean we deny the deep human feelings of empathy that we are capable of, or the belief that CH can get a feeling for our collective hurt, our broken hearts.
It is nice to think that, together, we can make things better for CH. And, really, there is no reason to think that we can’t.
Nothing wrong with sharing the strength of our positive thoughts.
Get Well CH.
I suppose his personal details are private, but I would love to be able to contribute to sending something to cheer him up.




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