and its making me sick how Christians are exploiting this and saying that he'll turn because he's now facing his demise and they seem absolutely freaking happy about it.   Scumbags.

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The problem is, if he dies from it they will say it was God who killed him, but if he lives it was God who saved him. It is going to be a Catch-22 no matter what.
Why is it so impossibly hard for people to do a site search for duplicates before simply blasting away?

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I DID look. It didn't come up. What a grouch.
Thanks for posting this. I would have missed it if you didn't. Front page displays of the forum's latest don't last long. Maybe this should have been a blog posting so it would have been seen by more because it lasts longer (for now).
Well, I responded to the other forum on this topic.
Forums do seem to come and go. drift in and out of existence, or at least on and off the main page.




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