Have only just seen this - and what a beautiful thing!  Christopher Hitchens leaving his hospital bed to receive the Richard Dawkins Award from Dawkins himself at the 2011 Texas Freethought Convention. October 8th 2011.

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Unfortunately, this video cuts off somewhere in the middle of Dawkins' introduction.  May I suggest this as an alternative.

Still, this was a wonderful moment for both men: Dawkins as friend, associate and, admirer and Hitchens as the living example of the one who falls down seven times only to get up eight.  Hitchens had game in ways that many of us may never know, certainly in being able to stare death in the eye and not only not blink, but spit back at it.  Christopher Hitchens is everlasting in our memories, and with good reason.

Thank you Richard ... and thank you, Christopher ... a lot.

Nope.  Original link works perfectly so the issue is one of two things.  A problem with buffering at Youtube or a problem with your pc/connection. 

Works fine here.. ?




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