Any one else seen the site Christwire?

The satire is amazing.

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Ouch. I don't think it IS satire. Did you go into any of the questions/comments? The first one I picked was a letter to the "dear amber" asking what to do with a transgendered son. Her reply?
Your son’s desire to be a girl is very unnatural, and scripture warns us it is also an abomination to natural order. The inclination of homosexuality is not genetic, but a choice one makes in life.

As a father, it is your responsibility to help your teen make the right choices in life. You need to let your son know that his desire to be a girl is disgusting and an offense.Do not be soft with him, as a boy in his position needs very stern guiding.

Your son’s gender confusion could be the result of being exposed to homosexual media on television, peers at school or even a way of trying to ‘gain your attention’, as teens tend to do.

Your son must understand that he cannot love the Lord as he claims and want to be gay or transgender. Such a choice in life gateways into a lifestyle of sin and immoral fornication, the implications of which he cannot imagine.

So sit down and tell your son ‘No’ to his desire to be gay, just as if he asked you if it was ‘ok to do cocaine’. This is all the same, and when you’re sitting with your son pray for his mind, so that he can be delivered from this strange perversion. You and your wife should also consider speaking to your clergy about good psychologists in your area, as your son’s mental condition may have been caused by some guilt or psychological trauma he’s hiding from you.

Then a TON of comments. It looks like ning site, not a joke. I hope I'm wrong, but having grown up with these types, I think even if this one IS satire, there are others just appalling out there that are completely genuine...
hmmm, I'm thinking this is for real, as scarey as it may seem. The racism in it is appalling as well...
You be the judge -

Front Page Information
Website Title: ChristWire
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You are witnessing Poe's Law in action. F'rinstance, compare it to this. One is real, one is not. Can you tell which is which ?
This is in fact a testbook example of Poe's law. But the fundy Xtians are sooo easy to parody.
I didn't stay long enough to tell whether this is for real or not as my virus protection went berserk as soon as it loaded and I got the hell out asap! Just a warning.
Hey, they have a bigger collection of Zombie Jesus pictures than we do! That hardly seems fair. The last supper one is especially awesome.

The way I knew for sure it was satire is the Jack Gould fellow that writes an awful lot of their stuff claims to be a "Best selling author"...yet I couldn't find anywhere to buy his books. Not even on the site he writes for. Nor does he mention the name of his books so you can buy them.
If they're not pimping worthless shit, it's not real.

The reason your various antivirus programs are acting pissy about this site is because that ad you have to skip is scamware.
I still can't tell, and I'm afraid it is real. These types of people and these kinds of websites really, really, really exist. Check out the sites connected with or the yahoo group freedomisnotdead for example, and you will find some really sick and twisted people putting out stuff that would make proud. It would definitely put my mind at rest a little to know for certain that this is not real. I'm not stupid but I know that the way-over-the-top stuff they say is not too far over the top for these kinds of people. And as Angie demonstrates above, they are putting out dangerous information that my enemies will listen to, believe, and follow. Claiming "satire" does not correct what could happen as a result of this kind of shit. People have killed themselves over less than that.
They've printed lies about me.

I think they're for real.
The Phelps is not gay thread made it clear it was satire. But I wouldn't be surprised if the subscribers are stupid enough to believe it genuine and that it matches their views.

As for the transgender kid, the clergy cannot point out a psychologist, as we're all trained to accept Gender Identity Disorder as its own condition, which is best treated with allowing the person to become their ideal gender, provided they do not have other conditions that would better account for their discomfort. >.> So, yeah, any psychologist would end up explaining to their parent the realities, not "fixing" the kid.
Its satire you can tell it has a Stumble Upon icon.
It's satire folks. Yes there are people in this world that find this inspirational and uplifting, but it's satire.




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