The Johnson Amendment is under attack.

This secular amendment bars religious establishments from endorsing or opposing political candidates. The current theocratic administration is attacking separation of church and state. If churches are permitted to endorse or oppose political candidates then tax exemption status should be removed. I think churches should have to pay taxes regardless since they are for profit institutions.

This pic says it all. Apparently that prayer session was in response to the scrutiny Donald Jr is under.  I find it deeply disturbing that our political leaders resort to this as a means of dealing with adversity.

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I have to side with the pope on this one. The myth of Jesus does state he fed the masses with loaves of bread. Therefore, people can eat communion wafers of gluten filled bread. I think gluten free dieting is one of the biggest fad scams ever. People have convinced themselves they are allergic to a basic staple. In reality very few people are allergic or even intolerant. Where would civilization be without gluten grains like wheat during the advent of agriculture ?


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