Does anyone else out there get annoyed like I do when I see the marquee signs in front of religious establishments with quaint little sayings like:

" CH CH What's missing? UR" (groan)

How about this one:

"Stop putting a ? where God puts a period" (no comment)

I live near a church that must think they'll get "driveby business" with these tidbits of moral guidance....sermonizing to the masses.

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I could sneak out in the dead of night and mess up their marquee signs....brilliant!!!!
The masked atheist strikes again. And the baby Jesus' birthday is just around the corner. Yay.
I have like 3 churches within 5 miles of my house that do that. I like to read them out loud to my christian friends just so I can see the look of embarrassment on their faces. I like them to hear how corny and retarded most of them sound. If they protest I say, oh so that's not 'your' christianity; how does yours go again?
My favorite is: "Remember the reason for the season!"

The solstice? Surviving through the first half of winter? The start of the lengthening of days?
And "Remember to put Christ in Christmas" it's not RIGHT THERE in the word.....I'd like to say stop putting the ass in Harass and leave me alone.

My mom has a bumper sticker that says "Jesus is Y(our) Savior" embarrasses me when I'm a PASSENGER. ha

Someone should put a giant pic of Santa next to that
"Remember the reason for the season!"
My son would say, Axial tilt. He has been taught well. ;c)
((gag)) inducing. I think paint filled eggs could help?
"CH CH" whats missing? Chong
I think they are rather hallarious. Mostly because some are so stupid it's hard not to laugh at them, and others are just amusing. I have a picture of a billboard on my phone "Stop, drop and roll won't work in hell"
Also, subconsciously, I have a contest of which church has the funniest billboard. It's kinda sad when a church stops putting things on their billboard, to me. Means they lost the game.. ;]
"CH CH What's missing?" The vowels. CHA CHA!
What I find funny (having walked home past the same church for three years, with a friends who almost ritualistically make fun of the new sign every Monday afternoon), is that one week the message will be some attempt at appearing warm and peace-loving, like, 'Talking is sharing, Listening is caring' and 'Kindness is difficult to give away because it keeps coming back.' Then, a week later, we'll see something like 'HELL is TRUTH realised too LATE' and 'You can't escape God by not going to church!'

So yeah, they have no sense of humour. And yet, I laugh when I read them. xD
The best one I have seen went something like... "News Flash: Sometimes God wants you to find your own answers"




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