Does anyone else out there get annoyed like I do when I see the marquee signs in front of religious establishments with quaint little sayings like:

" CH CH What's missing? UR" (groan)

How about this one:

"Stop putting a ? where God puts a period" (no comment)

I live near a church that must think they'll get "driveby business" with these tidbits of moral guidance....sermonizing to the masses.

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I love the billboard featuring water pouring down and turning into wine as it flows into a wine glass. My girlfriend made a period joke about it, so it's always amusing when I drive by one (and they are fucking everywhere).
How about this one:

"Friends don't let friends go to HELL". (ouch...harsh!)
I have a friend with that on a t shirt..I told her every time I see that s shirt I think:"Friends don't let friends read the bible."

She does not wear that shirt around me anymore.
"Friends don't let friends read the bible."

ha ha...that's funny. I think the bible gives a lot of bad advice, don't you? It encourages a lot of hateful and anti-social behavior! Smug Christian advice on t-shirts is really too's bad enough to see the billboards and marquee signs.

I remember going to a Brewers game in Milwaukee a few years ago and an overweight guy had on a tight white t-shirt proclaiming: The Pill is Abortion. Looking at him was like a walking advertisement for the importance of birth control! ha
The pill is abortion? WTF?Nuts! Masturbation is genocide! Having your period is murder!!!Boogey-woogy-woo!!!

Now THAT'S something to put on a t-shirt. : D Or a church marquee sign would be even better!
Well this seems fixable :

Know god, No peace.
No god, Know peace.

There. Problem solved.
how about this gem...."7 days without prayer makes one weak"
Drop the "out" and it's just fine by me!
Hey, that reminds me of the one about what Jesus was heard to mutter, as he hung from the cross:

"Christ - What a way to spend Easter !"

I should mention that the baptist church, just down around the corner, 'n right across the street from the assembly 'o gawd'ers, advertise like they're hawking fast food.

The sign says "FAMOUS FOR THE GOSPEL" ( no doubt their's really is unique - just like everyone else's ).
There are not too many billboards where I live but there is one in particular that bothers me. It's a pro-life anti-abortion billboard by some Methodist Church that says "Fragile" and there is a picture of a baby. In smaller text it says "The heart starts beating after 18 days" I find this funny because they wouldn't have known that without science. The statement they make about when the heart starts to beat is also contradictory to my 30 seconds of in depth googling research. I am not one that knows a lot about embryo development but I will believe google over a church any day.
We have this very strange pro-life billboard in my town with a baby on a Harley (no helmet) wearing a little baby leather jacket and it mentions when a fetal arm develops (I can't recall the "statistic" because I blocked it... being so alarmed by the baby in a leather jacket on a little Harley)....arms made for riding Harleys I presume. My daughter made a quip that went something like this: "But the hand develops later...what good are arms without's the fetus going to ride the Harley with no hands?" ha ha...we had a good laugh. Dumb babies on motorcycles. What next....tatooed babies on motorcycles ?




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