Does anyone else out there get annoyed like I do when I see the marquee signs in front of religious establishments with quaint little sayings like:

" CH CH What's missing? UR" (groan)

How about this one:

"Stop putting a ? where God puts a period" (no comment)

I live near a church that must think they'll get "driveby business" with these tidbits of moral guidance....sermonizing to the masses.

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"Wife, Obey your husband."

That was on a church sign near where I live.

Different church, different time, had this:

"I want you. (signed) God"

I thought that should qualify as blasphemy. But what do I know. :)
"I want you. (signed) God"

I can't explain why, but that just gives me the creeps. Why would a supernatural being want, desire, need, etc, any of us and why communicate by way of a sign like that....aren't we supposed to want, need, desire, etc, Him/Her/It? Are people driving by supposed to suddenly stop and say: "HEY, LOOK, God wrote a little cryptic note directed at me....I better go into that building and see what HE/SHE/IT wants of me!"

Side note: God is genderless, right? Or should we refer to God as male and fatherly like in the OT? I'm never sure about the pronouns....I know we're supposed to capitalize, however.
I've also wondered the same damn thing...Why would such a being want and need his creation to worship and kiss his ass?
If they don't,why is the punishment so severe? The only thing this being really thinks is important is being worshiped...
Does he get off on it somehow?




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