I am considering going to church just for an experiment.

I would like to write a check for a couple of bucks for the begging dish when it is passed around. I would like to make this check payable to "God" (uppercase in this case). Then I sit and watch my account to see if it is cashed. It makes it that much more enjoyable that now they post those little pictures of the check online too so you can see who cashed it.

There are only two outcomes; a) they throw it away b) they redeem it.

(b) would be a little ridiculous as it would mean the church thinks of itself as god in actuality.

If I was working the bank I would request ID.

Either way I would get a kick out of it and at most only be out a few dollars. The hardest part would be sitting through a mass. Perhaps I could just poke my head in the door and slip the check into those begging boxes by the door with blades on them. (Can't trust anyone even in church, huh? Won't god protect his own money?)

Finally, I find humor in George Carlin's skit about how god is so powerful but needs MONEY. It angers me that these giant monuments are built in "it's" honor all tax free. If you want to get rid of the deficit tax the scam artists known as the arch dioceses.


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That's funny. I would assume they wouldn't cash it, and wouldn't be able to even if they tried. I love the Carlin skit, too. It is interesting God can't seem to take care of his own.

Another interesting thing to do would be to write a check for a few dollars and put in the memo line something objectionable to the church, to see if they'd still cash it. If it's a Catholic church, for example:

"Excommunicate the Pope!"
"Praise Allah!"
"For St. Anne's Condom Fund"

I'm not saying anyone should actually do this, it's just funny to think how they would react.
You, my friends are deliciously demented! LMAO!!


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