Church evolution: "use the same words and say something totally different"

One in six clergy in Dutch Protestant Church either agnostic or atheist

Urgent need to "take God out of the box"
Dutch rethink Christianity for a doubtful world
By Robert Pigott, Religious affairs correspondent, Amsterdam
5 August 2011 Last updated at 11:18

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The vast majority of the Netherlands still remains Apatheistic, they simply don't care. But whenever people are asked what they believe, they usually tend to answer either "I'm not convinced that a "God" exists" or the "Something might exist between heaven and earth, but I don't call it god." 


The churches are full of old people and young children all around the country, the Christian faith has few places outside of the Dutch Bible Belt where it continues to grow. Churches are closing all over the country.


The "by-law against swearing" is nothing more then a symbolic gesture by idiotic politicians. Freedom of speech is arranged by the constitution and these kind of laws have been abolished in 1986, but were practically not being enforced since the 60's. 


Didn't Daniel Denett start an investigation into priests that are atheist/agnostic?




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